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EQ vs bassier hardware

  1. benavery
    I recently purchased some Shure SE425's - which sound amazing. But I'm finding that sometimes I just feel like listening to something with a more vicious punch to the bass. 
    In terms of bass output, and audio quality - what is the perceivable difference between using an EQ to turn up the bass while using my SE425's - vs getting bassier IEMs. From looking at frequency response charts, 'bassy iems' just seem to have increased the response in the lower frequencies (which it seems is the same as what EQ would do too). 
    I understand that vs similar quality/price but bassier IEM's using EQ isn't going to compete - but what about vs something cheap (like Klipsch S4i's) ?
    I guess the core of my question - is should I go buy some cheap, bassy IEM's to try out - or is there going to be negligible difference to just fiddling with EQ on my more expensive ones ?
  2. jay567
    Just get the RE272 second hand is my answer for you. The 425s have bad bass.

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