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[kiteki review] - Hifiman RE0 / RE252 / RE272 versus other IEM's (post #153)

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  1. kiteki
    RE0 multi-review skip to post #153
    Just started listening to these about an hour ago.
    I like them a lot so far, so they are worthy of a review, imho.
    These are my initial impressions, posted in a different thread, copied here.
    I just opened up my RE0 box, I've listened to 10 or 11 ~25 songs so far, but my initial impressions are much higher than with the ER-4PT.
    Everything is better than expected so far with the RE0, the cable, the housing (solid, metal), the included tips (I'm using the stiffish shure olive looking ones), and the sound, they sound like soft pillows, like running headlong into a wall of soft, delicate, high quality pillows. These are not a weaker ck10 to me, I can immediately hear qualities of a dynamic driver I sought after in the ck10 at times. The softness and delicate highs (like you want to tap them) are so nice, they just sound like exploding red flowers, or a girl with perfect satin-soft skin, with perfume drinking gin. Yeah, these sonic sine waves are touching the violin strings to my heart quickly.
    back to RE0.... just realised I have my Teclast T51 on max volume.... hmm these need some juice to sound good.... but the sound is really melting in my ears and dripping onto my soul strings. Kinda worried what the J-phonic will sound like now Lol.....
    Edit: wow if the line between sibilance and clarity is a thin one the RE0 is walking on it, what a perfect treble, jeez I didn't expect this... just goes to show 1000 travel books are not worth the journey.
    I'll continue the review later, right now I'm just listening to music and enjoying it :)
    Feel free to comment, ask questions, a little OT is fine.
    ~under construction~

    Update 14th of August, 2011:

    I removed J-phonic K2 SP from the versus list.
    It became too complicated and unfair, they are not rivals.
    - J-phonic versus RE0 as a stage monitor, the J-phonic wins outright.
    - J-phonic versus RE0 as a music listening IEM, they have different qualities, but this is what the RE0 was designed for, and the J-phonic was not.
    The J-phonic is not a musically entrancing IEM, it crushes the RE0 in bass depth and decay for example which is very impressive, and has a better sense of space and a well-tapered tone, but for the pure tone of an instrument and sheer musicality the RE0 is a better IEM if you're sitting on a subway and want to tap your feet to the music.
    The J-phonic is designed for stage professionals and does exceedingly well at that, and for some listeners they'll enjoy that tone, personally a stage monitor IEM such as the J-phonic and Shure SE535 are not my favorite IEM's, not even the Shure SE425 which I liked better but I remember listening to it and then listening to the Sony EX700 and thought "ok nevermind", the same thing happens here, as much as I dislike the harshness on the Sony EX700, if I listen to the J-phonic for an hour, the full-on tonality and presentation of the EX700 will have me in it's favour quickly.
    I'd like to differentiate between studio monitor and stage monitor, I like studio monitor sound it seems, such as my Sony MDR-V6 and Fostex T-5 headphones, the flat FR of the ck10, the balanced RE0 and RE252, the reference quality A2000X, the clean and neutral signal of the Teclast T51, etc.
    If I was a stage musician, I might pick up the SE425 or the J-phonic, in a performing scenario, but as it is I'm just a hobby musician, and even in that setting I prefer listening to full-on tonality and crystalline detail rather than well-tapered equipment with technical depth.
    I already have a fairly good feeling for the RE0 and RE252, however I'm going away for a couple days with long train rides and I'm bringing the RE0 and RE252 with me, along with a weak DAP with mp3 music (Sony gumstick 10mW+10mW) and a powerful DAP with critical listening music in Flac (Teclast T51).
    So the review shall continue after that.
    As far as the J-phonic is concerned, as outlined above it won as a well-tapered IEM with technical depth, impressive bass response and unheard of decay and speed at the same time, but loses out to the RE0 and RE252 in tonality and bliss. If the RE0 is a walk through a park, the RE252 is a walk through a graveyard, and the K2 SP is a walk through a factory.
    RE0 versus RE252 versus ______________ ?
  2. kiteki
  3. kiteki
  4. Pianist
    I am glad you liked the RE0. Looking forward to more detailed impressions!
  5. AngryBaconGod
    I'm interested to hear your continuing impressions. These are a steal of a price and perhaps I'll order one just for something a little different to enjoy.

    So I'm going to follow your thread carefully, and after long and detailed consideration, perhaps pick them up totally on a whim!

    Actually, never mind the IEM. Tell us more about this girl. What's she wearing?
  6. nfinite
    I recently buy Re0 sibling, the RE-ZERO.. now its in burn-in process.. first impression, the treble extension is really nice, the mid is adequate and sweet enough for my ear, but the bass extension a little lacking.. hoping that with adequate burn in mileage, the bass extension will improve.. so far I really like RE Zero sound signature, my music just sounds clearer and I can hear more detail..[​IMG]
  7. murano


    Try them with real Sony hybrid tips.  You'll sacrifice a little treble for a worthwhile increase in bass.
  8. nfinite
    I'll try your suggestion... Time to hunt some sony hybrid tips... because I also want to use it with my other IEM...
    any suggestion where should I buy it?
    Btw, I noticed when I use the little black-box-like balanced plug for my RE-ZERO, the bass quantity/presence is increased a bit if compared when using the cable type balanced plug... Nice..! It always good to know you have options to choose..
  9. s0lar
    By removing the foam inside the nozzels you can get even more treble at the cost of some sibilance.
    Sony hybrids are indeed very good for RE0, at least they worked for me and some other people.
  10. nfinite
    thanks for your suggestion, but for me the treble is enough.. dunno maybe later will try to remove the foam.. for now I'll just enjoy this IEM..
    And yes, I would like to try the sony hybrids..
  11. james444 Contributor
    Subscribed. [​IMG] Although I have a feeling that we may end up disagreeing about this one. [​IMG]
  12. Inks
    The Zero is a lot nicer than the RE0 imo, sonic wise. 
  13. kiteki
    Hi guys,
    I have a small cold and the Etyrapic blocked my right ear (first ear block in 12 years, right when I have the largest Hi-Fi influx in my life and lots of free time, super!!), so I won't be undertaking the review again right away, and I have lots of listening to do when I'm back to normal.
    Luckily I got it off to a good start, before I became poisoned by the A2000X again (sound amazing with half my hearing Lol), and I have the DDM2 and RE252 to pick up at DHL today, along with the J-phonic and Ety ER-4PT on my desk, and Sony EX700. Hmm what else.... Sony E888, Teclast R8 and A-Jays Three... ck10 [from memory], FI-BA-SB [from memory] and ACS T1 $1000 + custom IEM [from memory... but uh, won't be comparing this one].
    Please "vote" if you want any specific IEM comparisons.
    Sources will be primarily Teclast T51 (S:Flo 2) and Yulong U100 Dac/Amp.  I tried the RE0 at max volume directly from my Sony Vaio laptop and it sounded pretty good, but I have a feeling the U100 will give it the extra juice required even if that's not going to be a typical synergy considering it's $79 + $240.
    Kind Regards,
  14. Redcarmoose
    The RE0s are something that most would not buy unless they were on Head-Fi. We are lucky to enjoy the reviews here. I have owned my RE0s from the 08-09 years and they are wonderful. Not the most heavy in the bass area but great with the music I listen to. They do change a little after burn in. They are great from most laptops and I-Pods but shine with an amp. Once I hooked them up to a VPI turntable and Woo 5 LE combo. Sad to say the headphones did not scale up to the event. It took other full size headphones to show what was upstream. So even though there is a limit to what they can do, they are wonderful for what they are.
    They (like most IEMs) seem very dependent on placement in the ear. The best sound is only a result in getting a perfect fit so no sound pressure leeks out. This is the key to getting great bass. 
    They are really fine just out of an I-Pod once you stop trying to make them put out their best and live with them. I have taken out the screens on IEMs before but read something about the tuning being lost if the RE0 screens where taken out. I have never read much about RE0 screen removal. I do know I'm not interested in more treble from them.
    I am pretty hard on my equipment. I use IEMs for dog walks and the gym. Dog walks can get ugly when in a moments notice I have to pick-up my dog to avoid a confrontation with another dog on the street. Dog paws can do a number on ripping IEMs out of your ears fast. Due to the abuse I have had the RE0s come apart maybe four times. Each time I glued them together and the last time I really used a ton of glue. They have stayed together the last 9 months.
  15. kiteki
    Nice to know your RE0's have survived dog-fights!
    I didn't know about the grill removal, or do you mean filter? I agree I don't think they need more treble.  Btw the J-phonic K2 SP doesn't have any filter, at all.  It's just two drivers (one is huge and one is tiny), air, and your ear, looks pretty cool in the skeleton shell.
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