1. P

    LZ A4, Sennhiser iE80 or Shure SE425

    Dap - Fiio x5iii (3rd gen) Looking for a pair of IEMs to pair with my recently ordered Fiio x5iii. I wondered what you guys thought of these. I like my bass although wouldnt want to be constantly overpowered by it. From what i hear the SE425 can lack a little in the bass department so perhaps...
  2. nestea

    Westone or Shure

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum I'm not new to the "hi-fi" gear ( i've had a pair of etymotic hf3) but now i need some new IEMs. I've got an iPod touch (new generation) as mp3 player, and the new earpods dont sound bad, but i gave them to my cousin, so now i have nothing to hear music...
  3. lego8

    Tired of Shure SE425 - what next?

    Hi guys, I've been using a pair of Shure 425's now for a year and a half.  I've been generally happy, but now I feel like I want to try something different.  When I first picked up the 425s I wasn't an audiophile and couldn't really discern the differences in sound.  Now I can more, so I'm...
  4. jnorris

    Exchange cables between Shure SE215 and 425?

    425 cables keep cutting out.  Was wondering if 215 cables would fit.
  5. Iron-Buddha

    Advice on Next Move: Shure SE425 to Heir XX?

    Hey guys,   Currently using SE425 and XBA-3 with Accudio on my iPhone 5, paired with a RSA Tomahawk.   I like how Accudio fixed some of the muddiness of the SE425 so am currently happy with the sound.   However, all the Heir threads have had me curious about the 4a, 4ai and the new 5.0.   ...
  6. tsiu6

    Universal iem for stage?

    Howdy!! I hope everyone is doing well. :) I had an advice question. I am looking for a stage iem coming out of an aviom system. I have something around 250-300 to do it with, so obviously not ciem money yet :/. I am looking at the shure se 425s because they seem fairly well built and the...
  7. deltawave

    Shure SE425 high end distortion problem

    Hey guys, I'll start this off by saying that I've searched all over Headfi looking for someone having a similar issue, but have come up short. I have a pair of SE425's, (on my third pair due to this reoccurring issue) I've noticed severe distortion on the right ear when not turned up that high...
  8. jcasado94

    New In-ear recommendation.

    Hello! I'm not really inside the in-ear world, and I want to buy a good pair this weekend, as my old ones have broken.   My price range would be between 100€-150€ (150-200)$.   My source is an iPod 160GB classic, and 2/3 or more of my music is in lossless ALAC.   About the type of...
  9. Minstrel59

    Warmest sound with softest treble? The 215, 315 or 425?

    Out of the 3 Shure's in the title: Which is the warmest sounding with the softest treble? Thank you
  10. benavery

    EQ vs bassier hardware

    I recently purchased some Shure SE425's - which sound amazing. But I'm finding that sometimes I just feel like listening to something with a more vicious punch to the bass.    In terms of bass output, and audio quality - what is the perceivable difference between using an EQ to turn up the...
  11. hopat79

    Help finding reasonably priced IEM's that work with shure olive tips

    I'm looking for a replacement pair of IEM's to hold me over while I get my SE425's fixed.  I'm in need of something that is under $60, and would prefer something under $30 if possible.  I would really prefer that they work with my current olive tips as they fit my ears well, and I need good...
  12. swong46

    Which IEM to get with inline mic?

    Hey there,   I've been doing a little research on a pair of IEM. I was looking at the SE425 w/ mic cable or UE900S but they are just slightly over budget. What would you recommend that has an inline mic and cost $300 or less?   My music ranges from rap to pop to classical but a lot of...
  13. ZSamuels28

    Worth getting used Aurisonics ASG-2.5 or buy a new mid price IEM?

    Hi, I've been looking for a good mid price IEM and have been looking at the following IEMs: Etymotics ER4PT HiFiMAN RE600 JVC FX850 Shure SE425 Audio Technica CKR9 or CKR10   However, I got a private message today that someone is selling their Aurisonics ASG-2.5 for $410. I am weary...
  14. ZSamuels28

    Worth getting used Aurisonics ASG-2.5 or buy a new mid price IEM?

    Hi, I've been looking for a good mid price IEM and have been looking at the following IEMs: Etymotics ER4PT HiFiMAN RE600 JVC FX850 Shure SE425 Audio Technica CKR9 or CKR10 However, I got a private message today that someone is selling their Aurisonics ASG-2.5 for $410. I am weary because I...
  15. ZSamuels28

    Best mid price IEMs

    Hi audiophiles, I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones and my budget is around $100-$300 with a little wiggle room if necessary. I mostly listen to rock, jazz and top 40 mp3s at 256 or 320 on an iPhone or MacBook Pro. What's your opinion? Right now I'm looking at: Etymotics ER4PT RE600 JVC...
  16. SomeRandomDude

    Which IEM is the best for my musical taist

    Songs I listen to: A Day in Life, Twist and Shout, Wild Honey   Clarity and sound stage is the main priority for me.   Here is a list of my current contestants. Feel free to suggest other IEM   Shure SE535 Shure SE425 Etymotic ER4 Etymotic HF5 Westone 4 Westone 4R Logitech UE 900
  17. BaTou069

    Different Memory Foram Tips in Shure SE215/SE425? Whats the difference?

    I'm already an owner of the Shure SE425 model and just purchased the less advanced SE215 that is supposed to sound more fun and bassy.   I directly saw, that the SE215s' memoryfoam eartips/sleeves have some kind of grill inside, the SE425s' don't.   What is it good for? How does it influence...
  18. cuiter23

    Shure SE425 Nozzle Question

    Hi guys,   This is my first post here and I would like to thank everyone for their help in advance. I just picked up a pair of SE425's and I was just wondering if the nozzle is supposed to have the white plastic (maybe filter) in the middle of the nozzle. I had the SE315's and they came with...
  19. greenkomodo1

    How to get the most from my Android phone?

    I use Android and Poweramp and I'm trying to get the best out of my new headphones. I just got the Shure 425 and I must say I'm not exactly blown away. Seems to be harsh on the treble/high end? Didn't expect this for such expensive headphones. I was on Klipsh S4 which are like 1/20th of the...
  20. eaglex3

    1964 V8 Review - Non-audiofile perspective

    Hey guys, just wanted to voice out my opinion on my new 1964 V8s.    To begin with, I don't own alot of high end audio products and come have had experience with a small range of products compared to alot of people here.    Sennheiser HD280 -> HD598s -> Shure SE425s -> Sennheiser Momentums...
  21. Loky26

    Bose QC20 or Shure SE425

    What do you reccomend?? I've been reading a lot and I can't decide which one I should buy.
  22. eaglex3

    Shure SE425s - comfort problem

    I seem to have a slight problem whilst using these on the go, seems like around my canals start to hurt when using them. Anyone else experience this ?
  23. srinivas1015

    UE 900 vs Shure SE425

    I've used the UE700 for the last three years and have been very happy with them for the price point. The cable broke down recently and I decided to upgrade to the UE900. The right EarPod turned out to be defective and I'm returning them. The shop is giving me a choice between a replacement and a...
  24. dubstepnext

    Just got the Shure se425 and very dissappointed - no bass at all...

    After much deliberation ive decided to buy the shure 425. I asked the online seller whether there is a significant in the sound quality in comparison to the 535- he responded that in his opinion they're almost the same. He said the difference between the 325 to the 425 was much more...
  25. cyberbot1124

    Westone 2 vs um2 vs se425

    hey guys, im recently stucked between choosing one of these earphones. i listened to pop songs most. bass and mids are very important to me but i dont care much about treble as long as they are not bad. i liked the fit from westone better but i hv no idea for three of them's sound quality...