1964 V8 Review - Non-audiofile perspective
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Mar 11, 2014
Hey guys, just wanted to voice out my opinion on my new 1964 V8s. 
To begin with, I don't own alot of high end audio products and come have had experience with a small range of products compared to alot of people here. 
Sennheiser HD280 -> HD598s -> Shure SE425s -> Sennheiser Momentums -> Beyerdynamic DT990s -> 1964 V8s
Buying process:
I bought these from Acustoms as I am from Australia and heard good things from these guys. They were awesome and would vouch. 
You will need to take a trip to the Audiologist and get your impressions done. I went to a place in Parramatta in Sydney NSW called ihear and Rob done my impressions. It was about $80. Once then you will need to ship these to wherever you purchase your CIEMs from. Then purchase the CIEMs and await a couple of weeks ( usually ), maybe more.
 Build quality:
These feel and look simply amazing. It's a tough decision when trying to purchase your first pair of CIEMs as you kinda go in blind with looks and sound. 1964 has a great website where you can preview your CIEMs like JH Audios but the product will look completely different obviously, so I would recommend looking at pictures online. For fitment, they snug perfectly, you will need some time to get used to how they are inserted into your ears. After some time you get used to it as its a twist motion. The box is quite big and is somewhat portable ( depending what you carry on your commute ), I use a large bag and dont mind the size. The protective foam inside will protect your babies and you won't need to worry. 
Sound Quality:
Now comparing to my Shure SE425, the 1964 completely destroy them. The richness in the detail of vocalist Zoe Johnston in Above and Beyond - You got to go ( Acoustic album version ) is a very noticeable where you can notice the subtle times where you hear her lips move in certain parts of the song. The reproduction of her voice makes you feel as if your at the front row seat of them playing live however without the soundstage. 
Bass response is a wow factor, myself listening to alot of Trance / Progressive songs these completely shine with rich and  punchy bass with emphasis on the low side you feel like your getting hit hard in the chest. Even in songs like Justin timberlake - this girl which is neo soul genre that background thump noise rumbles in a controlled manner but didn't expect it compared to my Shures and Momentums. When reading reviews, people mention about the bass on these CIEMs and damn they were right. I honestly didn't expect such a strong bass  even knowing that they emphasize on the bass. I will use EQ to solve my problem for this.
Dont expect alot or any soundstage as this has very little, or next to non due to the form factor ( my opinion ).

To conclude, I would honestly think that the V6s would have been a better choice, however I have the option to fix my problem with the bass by using EQ. I kinda get the best of both worlds when I want to listen to Trance I simply just change the bass using EQ on my Fiio E17. 
They however have enhanced my audio experience as they have overpowered all of my audio gear that I currently have and they are amazing. 
I will add more of my thoughts and observations once I get more time, also possibly seeing if there is some sort of break in period or my ears getting used to the sound signature.
Thanks if you have gotten this far, I am in no means an audiofile and dont have alot of knowledge.

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