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Help finding reasonably priced IEM's that work with shure olive tips

  1. hopat79
    I'm looking for a replacement pair of IEM's to hold me over while I get my SE425's fixed.  I'm in need of something that is under $60, and would prefer something under $30 if possible.  I would really prefer that they work with my current olive tips as they fit my ears well, and I need good sound isolation as I use them to block out noise at work.  I prefer a warmer sound (actually preferred my old SE310's to this model), but I do want something that provides more detail than the most basic earbuds.  I don't like boomy base, but rather a rich sound.  I prefer tubes to solid state electronics if that provides any insight.  I appreciate any advise that you might have.
  2. alexm23
    You can get a Westone UM1 on Amazon for $67 but only the green color at that price.
    You can look for a Shure SE215 instead too which will cost a little more.
    Those 2 are a little above your price range, but the olive tips also fit on my Klipsch Image S4 IEMs and those are well within your price range.
  3. hrsy
    What did you end up going for?  I am a fan of Shure Olives first and foremost - the headphones come second.  This is from 5+ years of using Atrio Futuresonics M5s, through three different pairs and using Olives the whole time.  Atrio have sadly discontinued the M5 so I am looking for another headphone which supports Olives natively, I don't want to go through decoring or anything like that.
  4. alexm23
    What do you like about the Atrio? If you like how boomy/big the bass is, get a Westone 3. If you like how tight and deep it is, get a Shure SE315.
    My personal preference is the Shure SE315, which I own now. My Atrios are falling apart and currently held together with super glue and electrical tape, so I decided I needed something I wouldn't feel bad using while traveling.
    If you look at frequency response graphs of the SE315 you'll probably think I'm crazy, but listen to a pair for yourself, the bass is a lot more pronounced than it looks, and very clear.  
  5. hrsy
    It's the bass I like, definitely.  The MG7 drivers are a bit more rounded sound-wise than the previous ones.
    I'm more interested in cheaper IEMs which support the Olives, and it looks like the Klipsch series are the only ones in that price bracket.  Do you know of any others?  I'm soon to be traveling for a while and am looking for some cheap back-up headphones which support the Olives.

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