1. hopat79

    Help finding reasonably priced IEM's that work with shure olive tips

    I'm looking for a replacement pair of IEM's to hold me over while I get my SE425's fixed.  I'm in need of something that is under $60, and would prefer something under $30 if possible.  I would really prefer that they work with my current olive tips as they fit my ears well, and I need good...
  2. squallkiercosa

    Do you buy used IEMs?

    I was wondering, what do you think about used IEMs? and in case you bought something already, how was your experience? Not going far from the subject, how long last your IEMs normally?  
  3. MrRJ

    Amp SE310 or new SE535?

    Opinions on what the title suggests would be appreciated. Currently have a pair of Shure SE310's which I have enjoyed for the last 2 years or so. They have just started suffering from a crackling sound which I have narrowed down to the extension cable which I originally planned to replace, but...
  4. keiron99

    Shure e3 gone quiet in one ear

    I have a pair of Shure e3 earbuds for use with my Ipod. They're several years old and I must say I haven't used them for about 6 months. I've got them out to take on summer hols with me and unfortunately the left earpiece has gone quiet. seemingly across the whole frequency spectrum. There's no...
  5. gohanssjn

    Anyone here use curtain wall hooks to store their headphones?

    So, I have these:   Shure SRH840 Sennheiser HD212pro Shure SE310   I want to store them in my office above my desk so the dog can't get to any of it if he were so inclined.  I was thinking of curtain wall hooks for the larger phones.  Anyone try this?  Does it work well?   Thanks!
  6. FriendlyFire

    SE210 Step-up

    Hello everyone!   A few years ago, I purchased the SE210 after reading up on reviews and deciding that they were the best fit. I was upgrading from the JBL Reference 220, so I very much appreciated the difference in sound quality. Unfortunately they broke approximately a year ago, but I...
  7. mistysj

    Shure IEM installation shenanigans

    I'm posting this as a cautionary tale. I'm coming from Shure SE310 and Etymotics HF5, but recently updated to Shure SE425, which have a different shape from the SE310. I spent the whole weekend changing between all the ear tips but just could not get a good fit. I was very disappointed because I...
  8. kibenkulot


  9. ickle97116084

    Oh Noooo!!! The nozzle for my IE8 has came off - What to do!

    Hi all,   I was taking the Comply tips off my IE8s to swap them with new ones and the nozzle came off. Its has not snapped but turned in the housing and can be placed back on. This has no impact on the sound.   I got them as a gift from my wife for XMAS after I broke my Se310s again an...
  10. haibane

    earplug/iem custom

    Does anyone offer one custom mold that can work with both IEMs and ear plugs?
  11. unclejr

    Grado iGi First Impressions

    I currently own Etymotic ER-6is (L ch out) and some Shure SE310s (R cable cracked). In the past I've owned Jays q-Jays, Phonak PFEs, ER-4s, and some other in-ears. I also own some AKG K601s and some Alessandro MS-2is and love them both for different things. I've owned RS-1s and SR-80s on the...
  12. dodolvanilla

    Best amp for Shure SE 310?

    i've been using shure se 310 for almost a year, and i'm thinking about buying an amp too boost the sound.. any suggestion? oh and by the way, i'm a novice and i would really like to learn more about headphones and amps.. is there any thread that discuss about the basic? can anyone give me the...
  13. planx

    Does anyone own the Fiio E7 AND E9?

    I was just wondering who has listened to or owns the E7 AND the E9. I want to know if its worth buying both and how their performance is. I read many reviews on the E7 about it being an amazing DAC/AMP and the E9 for its solid and powerful Amplification as well. Chances are, i won't be using the...
  14. Amsterdamned

    Time for a change I think :-)

    I very rarely post on this site but do pop back, every now and again.   My personal choice of IEM has been Shure, for quite a while now, since I bought my first pair (E4) back in November 2005, after reading quite a bit on this forum; you guys did a good job, as I eventually purchased a...
  15. Tronz


    The HD800's are regarded as one of the top headphones in terms of detail, but looking at the graph above, the SE535's and SE310's which both utilize balanced armature technology respond to the 50hz square wave response faster than the HD800's. This then means those IEM's are capable of producing...
  16. ichbinder

    Looking for durable IEMs, price range $80-$200

    Hello there. First post here cause I'm kind of stuck with my search.   A few months ago I bought Panasonic RP-JHE900-K as a special deal for about $80 from J&R Electronics. Now, only about 6 months later, the right side has cutting-offs caused by the cable. I bought them also because they...
  17. imadedend

    Lost my IE8s, what should I buy to replace them?

    Yes, sadly it seems I have lost my Sennheiser IE8s, must have been on my recent trip overseas.   Apart from being gutted, I am now deciding on whether to get another pair, or if you guys can recommend another pair for me to get. I'm open to either IEMs or Circumaural Headphones, but I do...
  18. peter312

    Please help me start all over again

    I'm hoping someone can help me start again and get me back into headphone listening.   It's been a while since I've haunted these pages and to be honest, I lost interest in headphones etc for quite a while. I have been using a set of Klipsch Image X10 in-ear phones with my iPod Touch...
  19. zwanchef

    I love my PK1,1s.......but....

    Hi everyone, Got my PK's around christmas time and i realy like them.   What i would like is recommendations for IEM's with a similar sound. I've got up to £200 to spend. I mainly listen through Spotify premium and enjoy all sorts of popular music.   I have gone around in circles...
  20. jacobap100

    Monster Turbines

    Will upgrading from the s4i to the turbines be any difference
  21. Duck-Sauce

    Head-Direct RE0 good for me?

      I have the turbine pro copper edition but they are so expensive... The store was selling them at 500$ and I managed to get them at 350$. I like the sound and it's a nice improve compared to my SE310. However, I don't really like the fit in my ear. I tried almost everything and it would be...
  22. Duck-Sauce

    Looking for a pair of IEM

    Hey!   My SE310 died some months ago and I tried the Monster Beat but wasn't satisfied (they hurt in-ear ><). So now I am searching new ear-phones to use it with my mp3. I don't really know what should be better for me, I mostly listen to house music, trance, rap, hip-hop or rock...
  23. Duck-Sauce

    Looking for a pair of IEM

    Hey!   My SE310 died some months ago and I tried the Monster Beat but wasn't satisfied (they hurt in-ear ><). So now I am searching new ear-phones to use it with my mp3. I don't really know what should be better for me, I mostly listen to house music, trance, rap, hip-hop or rock...
  24. shotgunshane

    Shure mids or similar (SM2, UM2, etc)

    I own a set of SoundMagic PL30's which I enjoy for their budget performance and great comfort and using doing yard work.  I recently acquired a pair of Shure E2c's from a friend.  I really love the midrange on these.  Zakk Wylde's guitars sound better than ever on them.  Bass is a little on the...
  25. DestradoImpulse

    SE310 + amp or SE530 by itself?

    First and foremost I'm going to use this on a 3G 120GB Zune listening to jazz, trance, jungle, and rap most of the time with indie rock and alternative sporadically. I know that these two products have a balanced sound spectrum but jungle and rap sound so much better with it being bassy...