1. a1icia

    Help with mic clipping

    Hi im not sure if this is the right place to ask but i am running out of options. This question is related to gaming and recording gaming content. I have a Shure mv7x mic, elgato wave xlr and i use the elgato wavelink software. So i have a habit of being a little loud during my gaming sessions...
  2. MoonAudio

    Silver Dragon IEM Cable for Shure (MMCX)

    Silver Dragon IEM Cable for Shure (MMCX) $360.00 Learn More After several years of customer requests to bring back this original cable connection from all over the world, we are thrilled it is finally here and we are able to offer this to Shure IEM lovers everywhere. The Silver Dragon IEM cable...
  3. O

    Setup Help - New to multiple audio devices

    Hello gang- New member here, needing some help. I have had a fairly simple setup over the last 3 years with my THX 780 amp, SCHIT Modi running into my PC, powering a few cans I am collecting. In 2023 I acquired a few additional pieces of hardware and I am unsure how to set it up where it all...
  4. DekoniAudio

    Dekoni X Shure Aonic 50 Giveaway

    Dekoni X Shure Aonic 50 Giveaway!
  5. H

    aonic 4 vs ie300 (300$ in-ear)

    Hi Shure aonic 4 or sennheiser ie300 or something else?
  6. Fly Boy

    Shure SE846 replacement / upgrade?

    My Shure SE846’s no longer work due to the left one literally coming apart. I managed to stuff everything back in and glue it but now a year later it just does not sound right so I am looking for a replacement. I am strongly thinking about purchasing the iBasso DX300 to pair with the new...
  7. Opus131

    Shure SE215 wireless loud voice when connecting and disconnecting.

    Everytime i connect or disconnect from bluetooth some female voice screams in my ears at what seems to be full volume. Any way to lower the damn thing?
  8. rattywolf

    How to spot fake Shure SE535 by their box?

    I've seen Shure SE535 for the price of their cable in a store website. I checked it offline as it's near me, and there's no mistake, it's their real price. Unfortunately, they didn't want to open the box for me as they would have to make a discount if I don't buy the earphones and leave the box...
  9. C

    Shure 535 BT2 vs TW1

    Hi, I have some shure 535’s currently in use with Spotify on my iPhone and the BT2 connector. I have the opportunity to switch to the TW1 for a reasonable price. Is this a worthy upgrade? Will I notice a difference in sound quality between them? Are there any known connection problems? I’ve...
  10. G

    DAP Recommendations for Shure SE846 (~$750 budget used or new)

    Hello all, I just joined and am looking for recommendations for a DAP to pair with my Shure SE846 IEMs. My budget is right around $750 USD (used or new is OK), and I'd prefer the DAP to be Android-based as I plan to access music streaming services; access to the Google play store would be a huge...
  11. C

    SE535 for Classical?

    I need an IEM for classical music (large symphonic works), and I wanted to know how the 535s would work in this situation? These will be for on the go listening with my A&K Kann, which is loaded with 24/192 FLAC and DSD files. I'm not interested in the ER4s, because as a low brass player, I like...
  12. Olisim

    Shure SE846 Driver Failure

    Hello all! My trusty Shure SE846 have finally decided that enough is enough after 7 years of fantastic service, being left in the rain overnight, and even one spin through the washer and dryer (About three years ago! They didn't even break a sweat ;P). I think what happened is the midrange...
  13. Ronin4MX7

    Shure Srh1840 cloning?

    Buenos días compañeros, ¿ aquí hay clones de Shure SRH1840? Cambia el sonido al original? ¿Cómo reconocer un clon? Por favor ayuda.
  14. Ionme

    Sennheiser IE 400 Pro or Shure SE425?

    Currently I go by with some old shure se215 and the time has come for a much needed update. I like the se215's character very much. They are very crisp and quite clear with a bass that can be uneven at times but overall doesn't overpower. My music not being as bass heavy as most genres, I strive...
  15. F

    Best pairing with PS Audio gear?

    My front end is Antipodes EX, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, (sometimes) PS Audio BHK Preamp. My 'back end' is Focal SM9 studio monitors. I have been using Shure KSE1500. While I admire their exceeding neutrality and detail, their physical setup is awkward for my needs now. I'm looking for...
  16. R

    Fiio IEMs recommendation...

    Being in confinement, I only realistically have access to fiio IEMs FH7,, FH5 and FA7 Now i have have a hifiman he400i and a shure SE425. Would any of the fiio IEMs above bring something new to the table for me? especially compared to the SE425... would it make sense for either one of them...
  17. MoonAudio

    Shure AONIC 50 Headphones and AONIC 215 Earphones

    True wireless earphones and a new competitor in the Noise-Canceling war. Shure AONIC 50 Noise-Canceling Headphones Enjoy premium, wireless studio-quality sound engineered from decades of professional experience. No cords. No wires. Adjustable noise cancellation eliminates distractions for a...
  18. MoonAudio

    Shure AONIC 50 Headphones and AONIC 215 Earphones

    True wireless earphones and a new competitor in the Noise-Canceling war. Shure AONIC 50 Noise-Canceling Headphones Enjoy premium, wireless studio-quality sound engineered from decades of professional experience. No cords. No wires. Adjustable noise cancellation eliminates distractions for a...
  19. jude

    Shure Unveils New AONIC Line Of Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones & True Wireless Earphones

    Matt Engstrom from Shure contacted me the other day to let me know that they'd be announcing a new line of wireless ANC (active noise canceling) headphones and true wireless earphones called AONIC. The over-ear Shure AONIC 50 will have 20 hours of battery life per charge, and, as someone who...
  20. MoonAudio

    New: Dignis Premium Cases

    Moon Audio is now carrying premium leather case from Dignis. Dignis handcrafts functional and chic protective cases for DAPs, DACs, and amps from brands like Chord Electronics, Astell&Kern, Sony, and Shure. Cases for Chord Electronics for Chord Poly + Mojo $105 for Chord Hugo 2 $248...
  21. TsKen

    Closed Back headphone for Digital Piano for under $500?

    What would be the best closed back for a digital piano(Kawai ES 4) for under $500? I've searched everywhere but I couldn't really find any clear consensus. I've found the DT 1770 and Shure 1840 to be worthy of consideration. I heard the Focal Elegia should be considered if I can stretch my...
  22. PlentyCoups

    Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd. Search for IEMs balanced sound, <$150

    New to the site but have been poking around the site for awhile now as I research new IEMs. I have never been able to afford a super expensive pair of IEMs I do have a old pair of Sennheiser HD 202 which I still love. I have about $150 saved up which is I think a ok amount for my venture into...
  23. TheAnalogueKid

    Looking to upgrade from Shure SE-215.

    Greetings! As the title suggests, I'm looking to finally replace my 215s, which I've used for a number of years now. Lately, however, I've had serious quality issues with my last two pairs with the plastic/adhesive flaking away over time and poor connection issues with the ridiculously...
  24. ionite

    LEAR BD4.2 vs Shure SE846? +1 'subwoofer' or +2 Dynamic?

    As title suggests, wondering if anyone owns both pairs and can comment on how they compare. Lear Audio's BD4.2 (Custom) and Shure's SE846 (Universal) Pricepoints are similar and they both have got their special thing going for the bass. Shure's got their 'true subwoofer' driver and the BD4.2...
  25. N

    Help! Shure 215 or 535??

    Hello, I have the Shure SE215 and this is my one and only IEM. Never knew anything about IEM and how awesome they sound compared to regular earphones. I like my SE215 and they sound amazing (considering these are my first). My question is; should I buy the SE535 or not? I saw that this question...