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Closed Back headphone for Digital Piano for under $500?

  1. TsKen
    What would be the best closed back for a digital piano(Kawai ES 4) for under $500?

    I've searched everywhere but I couldn't really find any clear consensus.

    I've found the DT 1770 and Shure 1840 to be worthy of consideration. I heard the Focal Elegia should be considered if I can stretch my budget a little more..

    What are your thoughts?

    I can also get the ZMF Eikons but I don't want to spend that much on a headphone that I'll mostly be using with my digital piano.
  2. buke9
    Not a lot to choose form in that price range they are mostly inexpensive or very expensive for closed backs a lot more choices for open backs. Have not heard the Beyers or Shures so won’t comment there and only briefly heard the Focals and they were ok but nothing stood out to me. I really like the Eikons but yes they are over budget and not sure how well the piano will run them as they are 300 ohm but not particularly hard to drive. Probably wouldn’t recommend the Fostex TR-X00’s as they are more of a V shaped fun headphone I love them but probably not what you would want. Again over budget is the Mr Speakers Ether CX from drop that are very good for a closed back. For inexpensive the SoundMagic HP-151 are also pretty good and I think like $130 or so.
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  3. TsKen
    I owned the Ether C in the past and loved them because they were light weight with a amazing soundstage and clarity for a closed back. The Ether CX seems to be the perfect choice. $900 is a lot to drop on a headphone though and I already own the Ether Flows. Maybe i'll think about giving up the open backs and trading it for a closed back instead like the Ether CX.

    Anyways thanks for the advice. It is a bummer there aren't many good closed back options in the market. I guess thats why ZMF is so well regarded. It's too bad that their headphones can't be any lighter.

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