1. ksz210

    Budget Classical Music IEM

    I have scoured this forum for advice on a good classical music IEM, however the only general consensus is Ety ER4, is the best. But I dont have that much money to swing on a pair of headphones. I have included a list of other headphones people have talking about in the other forums.   I am a...
  2. SpringBiscuit

    Hippo Pro One, the first Balance Armature from Hippo

    Not sure anyone has seen it, recently just launched, it is the first single Balance Armature from Hippo, design is inspired by Westone UM1, priced at a competitive range in the market.   Tried it and they sounded great, with USD128, it really does able to perform, signature learns...
  3. jm722

    Best IEMs or earbuds for working out/ running under $150

    I am new to the whole audiophile game and have a pair of DT770s that I recently bought and need some IEMs too.  This forum steered me in the right direction last time.  I really enjoy the sound of the DT770s and would like similar bass or V shaped sound. So, I run on treadmills and lift weights...
  4. kzhlin

    Durability of Westone IEM's?

    Hi,   I have had a pair of Westone 4R's for a few months, and I dropped them (the IEM's itself) onto the ground and I was wondering if it is possible for them to have suffered internal damage? They sound fine and don't show any cosmetic damage, but I was just wondering if they have any...
  5. hopat79

    Help finding reasonably priced IEM's that work with shure olive tips

    I'm looking for a replacement pair of IEM's to hold me over while I get my SE425's fixed.  I'm in need of something that is under $60, and would prefer something under $30 if possible.  I would really prefer that they work with my current olive tips as they fit my ears well, and I need good...
  6. rumatt

    Fit identical to UM-1's, but cheaper?

    My girlfriend loves her Westone UM-1's, but she destroyed her first pair by wearing them at the gym.  Can anyone recommend a set of in-ear headphones that fits the same (uses the same ear pieces) but is cheaper?    She doesn't really care about sound quality but wants the fit and sound isolation...

    Do you warm up your headphones?

    I first noticed that my UM-1's were a little dull for the first 15-20 minutes of listening. Then it was the Livewires, no bass really until the warmed up. Now I just got my MS-1's back from being repaired and I noticed they were a little Limp sounding, not like I remembered them. 30 minutes...
  8. Irongrave

    Most comfortable IEM for sleeping Sub-$50?

    Hello,   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs to help me sleep.  I'm an extremely light sleeper and it's hard for me to go to sleep if I can hear ANYTHING.   Note that sound quality is not a huge factor here, I will be essentially just be using them to play brown noise via the Simplynoise app on...
  9. letloverule

    Westone Appreciation

    Hi all, i've had quite some time and experience dealing with westone and their products and wanted to share my appreciation. First of all let me say that westone customer service has always been friendly and courteous. I've dealt with two people in particular over the years. Dale Douglas and...
  10. localuser


    So i got my westone um1 last year, month of august. And as far as i know westone offered 1 year warranty including replacement, just a question. Mine is running good but the left chord is kinda longer than the right and its somehow twisted but its still running good and since its warranty...
  11. SimpleLyfe

    Westone UM1 vs Shure SE215 (Or any other Entry Level IEMs)

    Hi all, I've been snooping around the Head Fi forums for sometime and have just recently decided to join in. Wanting to get into the hobby, I've been looking around for a few entry-level IEMs and I've found the aforementioned two to be popping up everywhere. I generally listen to a wide range of...
  12. cricketbaby

    Westone Range Signatures

    Hi,   I find myself in the market for some new (probably universal IEMs) after my XBA-40 gave up on me...   I'm looking through Westone products on various shopping websites, and reading reviews.   Can anyone sum up the main differences in sound signature between the W and UM ranges? Are...
  13. potatoe94

    Any suggestion on dynamic inEar for $500-700 range

    hello ~  i've been using my Monster Turbine Pro Gold for about 3 Years now , and i really enjoy the sound it produce , it's very engaging and lively , full of energy . however , having so many balanced armatures & dynamics being released during the period , i wonder if anyone could suggest...
  14. Envoy of Light

    Westone UM1 Vs Head-Direct RE2

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new pair of IEMs for my portable needs and I cut down the choices to either the Westone UM1 or the Head-Direct RE2. The two major things I need from my IEMs are sound quality and noise isolation. Regarding noise isolation, I realize the Westones will isolate...
  15. Nicolas L

    Are the W4Rs going out of production?

    I've heard the buzz... Is it true? (does that give chances to pick up a pair of cheap ones while they're trying to clear their stock?)
  16. steve1979

    How much are second hand Westone UM1's worth?

    Hello,   I've just bought myself some new Westone UM3x headphones to replace my old UM1's and I'm now wondering what to do with the old UM1's.  If I could get a good price for them I'll sell them otherwise I'll just keep them for as spare set.   So, how much could I expect to get for...
  17. spkrs01

    Just Bought a pair of Westone Um1s for my 9 year old daughter

    Wow, she loves them. After seeing me buy the the Westone 4s a few months back, she has always wanted a pair of IEMs where the wires go over her ears, as she thinks they look so cool. It was a choice of The Westone 1s or the UM1s, I opted for the Um1s cause it was cheaper....hehe....no seriously...
  18. almog

    Earphones L/R junction replacement (Westone UM1)

    Hi, my earphones are having a loose contacts issue: holding the junction where the wire splits into left and right (as shown below) solves it.   I found plenty of threads dealing with replacing faulty audio jack (as well as suggestions for recommended plugs) but couldn't found any about this...
  19. C

    Better choice than Westone UM1 for 100 usd ?

    Hello all !   Sorry it's long to read... i like to write details   Intro : So this is my first post here and i am also kind of a (total) newbie about IEM. The thing is that these days i really spend a good amount of time per day to listen to music with some random IEM provided with...
  20. almog

    Westone UM1 - cracking it open for rewiring

    Hi, my UM1 have some wire issues and since they're out of warranty, I though it'd be a good opportunity for a noob like me to start his way into the realm of DIYing. I found enough information about general rewiring, soldering, etc. However I could find none regarding the UM1 and it's...
  21. Blue Boat

    Etymotic HF5 vs Westone UM1 Team Edition

    Hi, I need some help deciding between the Etymotic HF5 and Westone UM1 Team Edition.    I will be trying these on at a shop in the very near future, but I'd like to have a general idea of what each sounds like.   I'm also very new to IEMs so go easy.       I'm looking for a...
  22. Caliax

    Westone-1 vs Westone UM1 vs Shure SE215

    Out of all 3, which one has the warmest, most "fun" sound signature?  I'm going to be using this for casual listening for long periods of time so I think I'd prefer that sound signature.     Also, all 3 are over the ear design so which one will be more comfortable for walking, running, and...
  23. Logan608

    Broken Westone UM1 IEM's

    2 weeks ago I woke up and felt something under my arm. I realized that it was the end of my UM1's. The end or shaft has broken off from the body. I tried to glue it back on but some of the glue has blocked the channel and it still isn't secure. Does anyone know if Westone covers this? 
  24. Xanatos

    Westone UM1 Ear Tips, Isolation

    Which tips provide the best isolation? The comply, tri-flange, or single flange tip?
  25. jonnycool06

    How to burn in Westone UM1?

    White noise? Pink noise? Specific music? What's the different effects? How long? Thanks!!!