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  1. localuser
    So i got my westone um1 last year, month of august. And as far as i know westone offered 1 year warranty including replacement, just a question. Mine is running good but the left chord is kinda longer than the right and its somehow twisted but its still running good and since its warranty expiration is near i'd like to get it replace for a new one. Is it possible? The item itself is still running good, but the foam that fits to my ear is kinda messed up i mean its wearing off and the foam is getting stuck in my ear(before it was not like that, just happened these past few days). I really like to get a new one, and i want to make sure if its possible and if not what should i do to get it replace to new one? If im not mistaken the 1 year warranty includes replacement right? Help me out guys, thank youuuu in advance :)

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