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Hippo Pro One, the first Balance Armature from Hippo

  1. SpringBiscuit
    Not sure anyone has seen it, recently just launched, it is the first single Balance Armature from Hippo, design is inspired by Westone UM1, priced at a competitive range in the market.

    Tried it and they sounded great, with USD128, it really does able to perform, signature learns toward Phonak and Beyerdynamic category, i believe this can be a great product to share with everyone.

    SwimSonny Review
    SpringBiscuit Review
  2. Swimsonny
    Thanks for including my review! It is a nice earphone!
  3. Deviltooth
    The orange and blue foam is pretty funky.
  4. tomscy2000
    There's been more discussion on the Pro One on this thread:
    I've yet to hear it, but I assume it'll sound decent; I'm mostly looking forward to modding it, though.
  5. SpringBiscuit

    Ha ha yeah, that is "Hippo foam" from hippo themselves. 
  6. Choon Beng
    Indeed they are great =), close signature with Phonak series.
  7. Deviltooth

    How does the foam compare to Complys and Shure olives?  What other IEMs will it fit (the equivalent in Comply's line up)?
  8. Swimsonny
    There is different sizes, same numbers as the Comply line up. They are great i think, The colours are great for right and left identifying and they are really good quality, much better than the last generation of hippo tips, best value/quality ratio in foam tips!
  9. ostewart
    Just got mine to review, no foams though. I use Shure olives and I must say they are very good for a single BA, I think they are better than the dual driver Rockit R-50, smoother no real big peaks and quite good extension on ends. Will update with review when it's done.

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