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Are the W4Rs going out of production?

  1. Nicolas L
    I've heard the buzz... Is it true? (does that give chances to pick up a pair of cheap ones while they're trying to clear their stock?)
  2. Spyro
    Nothing confirmed officially that I have seen from Westone (again, annoying....) but YES, it appears that way.
    On Westone website it is listing or classifying the following IEM's as "archived" which usually means older model or previous generation which would indicate they are going away.
  3. Mooses9
    Agreed. and the price has been anywhere between 299-350.00 they are pretty much phasing out the w4r for the new line.
  4. Artem
    Then what would the upgraded version of the 4r? It cost almost 600USD to buy this in singapore..
  5. Nicolas L
    Sad to see it go,but is the MMCX better than the existing 2pin?
  6. Mooses9
    its going to depend on the person you talk to. but IMO NO.
    the 2 pin design to my knowledge has never been a issue with the westone um3x or w4r.
  7. Nicolas L
    Wouldn't life be beautiful if we had MMCX<-->2pin converters. We could save alot on cables...
  8. Mooses9

    Yes and thats the most aggvating problem because westome from the um3x to the w4r used the 2 pin then abruptly now want to use the mmcx like shure,ultimate ears ect.

    I have no clue why they decided that the mmcx connector is the new industry standard.

    I guess anyone who has a 2 pin connector can have their cables repinned thats really a pita.
  9. squallkiercosa
    Keep in mind you can still find the original w4 online, you shouldn't worry much about it.
  10. Nicolas L
    I guess there might be some secret deal with aftermarket cable producers so they get more business as Westone changes her connectors... What's the name of the W4R successor? Or the likely name?
    The problem is that budget-fi people (e.g. me), may only have one cable in 2pin form, but then now the new ones are in MMCX, and if they change the connector, they won't be able to use their original MMCX IEMs... What a pity... 
    Please, somebody. Invent 2pin<-->MMCX converters. I'll be your first customer. 
  11. Mooses9
    Well I have a custom toxic cable silver poison pure silver cable for my w4r....I also had a whiplash twag v2 pure silver cable changed into mmcx pins, and then just bought a double helix shure mmcx cable, so owning the se535 given me the want to get cables that will work with the new westones....but I still prefer my silver poison and im not messing with that or buying the w series so im not worried about it.

    The new w4r will be called the w40
  12. Nicolas L
    Heh, I'm glad you've got the cash to invest in cables, but I don't ): Getting a silver cable on Tuesday :D (MMCX connector)
  13. jesussongs
    no offical confirms
  14. Mooses9
    its understandable and that kind of why its such a big ordeal to just up and switch connectors like that, esp if you have invested in a few different cables with the same connector like 2 pin, to me it just doesnt make sense to switch over to a mmcx connector becuase those of us who own the um3x or w4r whom already have a decently expensive upgrade cable, might shy away from going and giving the w40 a try given most people who like upgrade cables use upgrade cables. and then the need to go out and purchase ANOTHER expensive upgrade cable becuase of connectors. imo would definitly be a reason to not get too interested in a new product like that.

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