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Durability of Westone IEM's?

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  1. kzhlin
    I have had a pair of Westone 4R's for a few months, and I dropped them (the IEM's itself) onto the ground and I was wondering if it is possible for them to have suffered internal damage? They sound fine and don't show any cosmetic damage, but I was just wondering if they have any damage that may affect sound quality or durability?
    Sorry. Maybe I'm just extra paranoid because these are my first pair of more expensive IEMs. Haha.
  2. palalopy
    I own UM1s and W3s.  I have had the UM1s for over 7 years now, no problems, and the W3s have lasted me well over 4 years.  I did have one issue with my Westone 3 where something came loose in one monitor, but I wrote them an email and they had me send it to them, and they sent me a brand new pair.  However, this wasn't a durability issue, as it wasn't from dropping it or anything.
    Another time while taking my grandfather to the hospital, I dropped my jacket on the floor with my W3s in the pocket, stepped on it and broke the stem of one of the monitors.  My 2 year warranty was a couple months expired, but when I wrote Westone's customer service asking for repair costs, they again just told me to send it in, and sent me a new pair, no charge.
    The cables are some of the most durable, pliable and comfortable you can get, their warranty and customer service are also above reproach.  (Granted, I bought from an authorized dealer, so that might have helped.)  Their products and service have guaranteed that when my Westone 3s finally do break down, I'll be buying another pair of westone iems.
  3. kzhlin
    Thanks! I was told that Westone's customer service was excellent, but I didn't know it was that amazing. I love my 4R's and now I love Westone too! Thanks!
  4. Schokolade bar
    I find the UM3x extremely durable. The shell is tight and solid feeling, the nozzles feel especially solid as well. I dont see a problem with them breaking any time soon.
    The cable is pretty nice as well. I've used it on several flights and had it dragged and pulled out of a backpack multiple times and its still braided well. Not to mention it is probably one of the most pliable and comfortable cables I have used that isn't a custom.
  5. Berkovajazz
    if you will put them into carrying case always when not listening to, everything will be ok for lot of years.
  6. Mooses9
    i would say the westone3 are a pretty durable iem. def depends on how much u take care of them like anything..
  7. Glow Fish
    I have the UM1 and W3, and had the W4 in the past.  Very durable IEMs and great for air travel as they isolate so well.
  8. kzhlin
    Just out of curiosity, how similar are different pairs of Westone IEM's?
    My friend got a brand new pair of 4R's, and I listened to them today, but they don't as good as mine... Maybe because of the burn-in period? Most of the IEM's should sound identical right?
  9. Mooses9
    when comparing the 2 were you using his equipment like sources or yours? different amp and dac and cables can effect the sound signature. that may be why you are hearing differences in sound
  10. kzhlin
    I plugged both into my iPhone 5.
  11. Sachigatsu
    just baby it and it will last for many year.
  12. Mooses9
    well some people believe in ''burn in'' of the iem's although some say that BA dont burn in. also some say that cables have a ''burn in'' but again some dont believe that either.
    however if you personally had a new pair of w4r and a burnt in pair of w4r and you personally noticed the difference. then there was a difference.
    ive gone from 3 cables, the westone epic cable, btg_audio sunrise cable and now i have a chris_himself neotech pure silver cable. and noticed a difference in sound with each cable. 
  13. White Lotus
    Non believer of balanced armature burn-in here.

    but anyway, in reply to OP: My Westone 3's have never skipped a beat, neither did the last pair I had (that were stolen).

    My UM3X WERE very durable, and I wore them on every gig I did for years, until one day I tripped over my own two feet, and planted my face onto the ground. Broke the nozzle off the left earpiece.

    Instead of getting them repaired, I sent them off to a third-party company to get re-shelled into customs. Still waiting for them to get back to me. Starting to wish I just had them repaired..
  14. kzhlin
    Thanks guys! I'll listen to my friend's new 4R's after a week or so and see if there still is a difference in sound.
  15. kzhlin
    Quick question: Should most/all Westone 4R's sound the same after the burn-in period?
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