1. subseasniper

    Aaaaaargh! Help me get my IEMs to fit

    Hey guys,   I am the happy owner of a pair of Sennheiser IE80s but I can't seem to get them to fit really well.   This isn't a problem with the Sennys, I have had this with my Denon and Klipsch earbuds too.   I am using the large foam tips and for a few minutes the Sennys fit well...
  2. jonyoo

    [ Need help finding new IEMs ] (bass of IE800 and high of mini Darts)

    Greetings head-fi people!   I recently owned the IE6 until I accidentally destroyed it into pieces which I am embarrassed to explain further. I am in desperate need of your help!!!   I have been listening to a couple of different types of IEMs to find one that matches my taste...
  3. fredman22

    Westone 3 Replacements

    Just an update post after a long absence. After 4 years of hard, nearly-everyday (and trouble-free) use - My W3s cable failed, first just beyond the strain relief at the plug, then after a frankenstein-solder repair similar failures at each earpiece - first the left which I also repaired but...
  4. devtec

    Heir Audio 3.A vs 3.Ai recommendations

    Hello all,   I am about to pull the trigger on the Hier Audio 3 series.  Can anyone offer me advice on whether to get   3.A with standard cable   or   3.Ai with the Magnus 1 cable   Both are about $500, so I'm wondering which way to go.     (I'm upgrading from a Westone 3...
  5. gabriel255

    Earphone recommendations similar to Triple Fi 10vi?

    Hi so I previously had a triple fi 10vi but just lost the left ear bud... so am looking for a replacement. I really enjoyed having this model so I was looking to find something similar, more all roundish as I am not a base head (although I do listen to songs with base but not obsessed with...
  6. burningv

    Universal IEMS for Death, Black, Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk < $300

    While I'm waiting for my JH13 Pro to be refitted a 5th time by Lime Ears, I need iems that are able to do the above genres some justice. My experiences with them has been mostly negative due to either fit issues or improper tonal balance. So far I've owned 3 universal iems: the Westone 3s, Gr07...
  7. audioconsumer

    westone 4 with zo2?

    hello there! first off i am very sorry if i didn't post this in the right place but im new to this so please be kind.   i am currently waiting on a pair of westone 4's to be delivered to pair with my colorfly c3 and a digizoid zo2.3. i am trying to find a nice balance between an analytical...
  8. flohmann

    props and loyalty for Westone and Headroom

    I just had my Westone 3 IEMs stolen in my bag in Milan after nearly 5 years of service. I will be replacing them with the Westone 4, and buying them from Headroom. Here's why:   The Westone 3 was free to me -- I won it in a drawing at Headfest in San Jose in 2007. Some will remember that the...
  9. kzhlin

    Durability of Westone IEM's?

    Hi,   I have had a pair of Westone 4R's for a few months, and I dropped them (the IEM's itself) onto the ground and I was wondering if it is possible for them to have suffered internal damage? They sound fine and don't show any cosmetic damage, but I was just wondering if they have any...
  10. lippi

    Want some more closed cans but cant find any that tick all the boxes!

    I am looking for some new closed cans for use when I am out (with ipod), but I cant seem to find ones which tick all the boxes for me, so thought I would come here to see if anyone can provide some inspiration about which ones may fit the bill...   I currently have:   Sennheiser HD595...
  11. RickH9

    Westone 3 or Aurisonics ASG 1.2 or other?

    Hi Head-Fi,   Looking to purchase a new IEM soon. Currently looking at either the Westone 3 or the Aurisonics ASG 1.2. Which pair of earphones do you prefer? I'm looking for a fun pair of earphones that will be a nice alternative to the HD 600's that I use at home. I will be driving them...
  12. betudontbet

    Help !!! to choose a powerful earphones

    Hello , its my 1st post so i dont know if this is the right section , anyway   Can u suggest me a powerful earphones with good quality for max 300 $   I looked for Klipsch x10i , but i dont rly know if they are rly powerful , i like to listen to trance/harstyle with good bass , can u...
  13. Skwalla

    In-Ear phones: unbreakable/fully warranted/replaceable - which to choose?

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a new pair of in-ear headphones. I run through these as crazy though, typically due to the chord breaking. In the last year I've gone through two pairs of beats along with a pair of Etymotic HF-5's.. Therefore, for my next pair, I want a pair where this problem...
  14. Barolo

    Senns ie8

    After having senns ie60 westone 3 heir audio 5 and now as a go between before my next next iem heirs 8,I can honestly saying saying I'm realy enjoying my ie 8 realy sound fine on material like old rock/blues Clapton , I will keep these when I purchase my heirs 8 as an alternative
  15. TurbinePro

    Westone W1/2/3/4/5/6-0 Impression thread

    I haven't found one, so here it is.   I personally have the W40 and pair it up with the Fiio X3. What an enjoyable pair of headphones. I also like how they are so discreet and humble on the outside. 
  16. Mcarter3

    Replacement for my Westone 3's

    Thread has been relocated to Help and Recommendation section. Apologies      Been quite a while since I have been on the site. I have my dream setup for over ears and amp and have been very happy with my portable rig (Ipod 5 running rockbox and westone 3's) until the time I decide to try...
  17. tehsprayer

    CIEM or Re-shell?

    I have the Westone 3 and got it from Amazon for $160 when it was on sale for a couple of weeks, they are great.   Although, I like the around the ear style but it sometimes gets annoying to roll the comply tips, place in ear and wait for it to seal. Also they sometimes seal differently and...
  18. Rebel908

    Preparing for the the jump: Universal to Custom help

    So I'm really considering the jump from Westone 3 to at least using the UM56 with them, if not jumping ship to the ES3X or the UE 7 or UE10. However, seeing as how head-fi has such a diverse community of audiophiles, I'd like to ask: In your opinion, what company produces the best Custom...
  19. chemosit

    Need TOTL IEM Recommendations for Wife

    I just took my wife to Aruba for our seven year wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic time swimming in the ocean, watching movies on the beach, spending Christmas in shorts. Unfortunately, she left her UM3x IEM's on the plane and was unable to recover them. I would like to buy her a new pair...
  20. tehsprayer

    Cheapest Place to get BA-200

    The best IEM around seems to be the TDK BA200 and was wondering where is the cheapest place to buy and shipped to Canada (I can ship to Michigan and pick up if needed to avoid duties) This IEM sold by Amazon just upped their price to $170 and the rest around $150 are Japan Imports which I feel...
  21. Solarium

    Best IEM <$150

    I was wondering if you guys can help me decide on which IEM's to get, as an upgrade for my Klipsch S4i. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck IEM's with the following preferences (ranked in order of ones I most value to least): 1. Comfort - I have narrow ear canals and I want to wear...
  22. TheSacredSoul

    Misplaced my Westone 3, thinking about getting the Shure 535...

    Recently I misplaced my much beloved (6 months old Amazon set) Westone 3 after they slipped out of my bag. I wanna get another set of IEMs but not the W3 again and the W4 is out of my price range.    The S535 seems to fit the bill. Also found a one month old set being sold for USD$280. What do...
  23. jeffisflyboy

    Westone 3 Modded with Knowles Acoustic Damper

    Its been 3 months since I bought my westone 3 from authorized dealer here in the philippines.  I'm first struck by its soundstage and fast performance, but I can't help but notice the sibilance on vocals whenever there is a letter "S" in the lyrics.  Using a foam tips reduces the intensity of...
  24. Kiran

    recabling westone 3s

    Greetings, I have two westone 3s (bought the second one after it failed 3 years after I bought the first). I recently looked through the FS/FT section and I found a seller selling his/her set (http://www.head-fi.org/t/736358/westone-3-recabled) and I never knew I could do this. That said, I...
  25. barzman

    ZO2.3 & westone 3's

    Anyone know or have an idea how well the zo2.3 would work with westone 3's? Or has anyone had this pairing before? really keen to get some opinions as I'm purchasing one soon, I will be using it with a Iphone 5s. thanks.