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Fit identical to UM-1's, but cheaper?

  1. rumatt
    My girlfriend loves her Westone UM-1's, but she destroyed her first pair by wearing them at the gym.  Can anyone recommend a set of in-ear headphones that fits the same (uses the same ear pieces) but is cheaper?    She doesn't really care about sound quality but wants the fit and sound isolation provided by the UM-1's.
    Is there something significantly cheaper or should she just keep paying $100 for UM-1's and destroying them every 6 months?  [​IMG]
  2. dnullify
    Meelec M6 sport
    They're pretty cheap. They've been on groupon pretty regularly for ~$12 or so. sound decent, super darn comfortable and come with a solid case and many tips.
  3. tinyman392
    It's normally the cable that actually goes bad...  My recommendation would be to get something like a UM-2 RC, I know it's more expensive, but you can replace the cable instead of the IEM, 50 dollars, or 30 if you get a generic cable as opposed to 100; you pay more up front though.  If you look hard enough you might be able to find the MEE A151 for a cheap price (around 50-70). 
  4. meat01 Contributor
    There are pink UM1's on Ebay for $69. 
  5. rumatt

    Interesting.  Are the tips similar to that of the UM-1 / UM-2?  Do you know if they'll fit the exact same tips?  No right?
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    M6 or the excellent sounding PL-50 (ive reviewed both)
    lol i think i recognise that M6 pic there [​IMG]
  7. outmywindow

    Did she destroy the actual UM1 IEM housing or do you know if the cable went bad?

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