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Just Bought a pair of Westone Um1s for my 9 year old daughter

  1. spkrs01
    Wow, she loves them. After seeing me buy the the Westone 4s a few months back, she has always wanted a pair of IEMs where the wires go over her ears, as she thinks they look so cool. It was a choice of The Westone 1s or the UM1s, I opted for the Um1s cause it was cheaper....hehe....no seriously because of the clear casing and it was slightly smaller in size. I tried listening to them and they were not bad sounding at all. A great improvement on the generic earbud phones. She was using US$50 Sony ones. Her sister, 11 years old, have the Lady Ga Ga Beats? which are more expensive than the UM1s and the Um1s blows them away.
    All very happy....have to keeps the girls happy!!!
  2. Ishcabible
    This story is awesome; I have more hope in this generation in terms of audio, even though there are way too many stupid kids lately...
    And were the GaGa Heartbeats a gift...?
  3. spkrs01
    yeah the Ga Ga were a gift from her auntie. 
    hopefully, my girls will have more appreciation for good music. have started introducing them to classical music. Vivaldi- nice and easy to listen too and some Jazz such as Time Out.
    my daughter's description of the UM1s are as follows- instead of sounds coming between ear to ear, it starts from beyond the shoulders. why does some intruments play a different melody. can start counting how many instruments are playing together and naming them. everthing just sounds clearer and can hear more.
    her first review..........
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  4. mastershake2393
    It warms my heart to know there are awesome dads that treat their children to great audio equipment :)
    My father actually got me into home audio with the multitude of receivers and tube amps, I'm not sure what they were, they are in storage now, that he had kept over the years. He is delighted that I am into high-end audio. As for me, I am very happy he got me into this hobby, I wouldn't know how amazing all of my music could sound if it wasn't for him [​IMG]
  5. Tronz
    Sooner or later she's going to be wanting a custom IEM because she likes how fit your ears perfectly! I feel sorry for your wallet in the future sir.
  6. Naim.F.C
    Bit much for a 9 year old if you ask me. There are grown up's who can't afford such earphones, not sure she'll really appreciate the value. I'd probably buy my son of 14-15 a pair, perhaps for a special occasion, but he'd have to have done really well in his studies or been on great behaviour. You have to earn these things.
    My dad has always been relatively wealthy, but all my life he was strict with how he spent on me (had me working at his businesses part time from the age of 14) and not because he was tight, he'd splash out heavy when it was required. I'm grateful to him for that, as it taught me the value of things and made me appreciate their worth that little bit more (as oppose to just getting something because I thought it looked cool).
    In any case, congrats to her. Be careful she doesn't go too crazy on the volume and damage her hearing early on! But it is cute she's able to discern audio differences already.
  7. spkrs01
    Well she is top of her class at one of the best girl schools here every year, so academically, the UM1 s are well deserved. Plus it's not spoiling her as she has to contend with hand me downs from her sister until she is is atleast 15/16.
    Also it's never too early to introduce children to good music listened to in good quality. She listens to music via a Sony DAP and it has AVLS.
  8. Redcarmoose
    I do not have children but I think it is great. I remember getting into music at 10 years old. It is a wonderful time in life when everything is new. I'm sure they will be one of her favorite things.
  9. spkrs01
    13 years old for me, can still remember vividly the occasion. In the U.K. at a family friends house, Breakfast in America- Supertramp, still one of my all time favourite albums on a Mitchell Engineering TT (stunning looking) with some high end japanese cartridge, and an array of top of the range American pre and power amps at that time with some large Spendors. Wow. Been in the hobby for over 30 years now, but funnily just started into headfi about 2 months ago. It really is just for some of the great sounding portable devices. I use my W4s when I am out and about either with the Sammy S2 and the Motorola Xoom.
    My daughters use theirs whilst doing their homework, studying and travelling to and from school.
  10. i2ehan
    I know the feeling my friend. I bought my MOST beloved (whom I love above anything, make no mistake about it [​IMG]) 9 yr old neice her first set of in ears, a set of pink UE Loud Enough child-safe earphones, for use with her newly gifted Amazon Kindle. She too is exceptionally smart, always a teachers favorite, and an avid reader. I personally went with the UE's because I want her to start small, and safe. The last thing I wanted is to risk her hearing by even the slightest. Besides, she knows all too well; once she's old enough, I'll gift her her very own pair of customs. If you ask me, when you love someone that much, it makes no difference if they are too young to appreciate the value of said gift's quality. Just the mere fact that she adores them and takes exceptional care of them is enough in and of itself. [​IMG]

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