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Westone UM1 vs Shure SE215 (Or any other Entry Level IEMs)

  1. SimpleLyfe
    Hi all, I've been snooping around the Head Fi forums for sometime and have just recently decided to join in. Wanting to get into the hobby, I've been looking around for a few entry-level IEMs and I've found the aforementioned two to be popping up everywhere. I generally listen to a wide range of music (from classical to rock to modern day dubs and wubs)and I'm considering buying a JDS Labs CMoyBB to act as my amp for now. 
    On a side note, does the cable affect the sound quality much? Because if I'm going to buy the se215 I would like to buy a after-market cable. Why do most people hate the removable cable in the se215 anyway? Don't the high-ended customisable IEMs have removable cables too?
    Amp: JDS Labs CMoyBB (Open to amp suggestions)
    Current output source: Phone
    Music: Classical - Rock - Dubs and wubs


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