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Westone Appreciation

  1. letloverule
    Hi all, i've had quite some time and experience dealing with westone and their products and wanted to share my appreciation. First of all let me say that westone customer service has always been friendly and courteous. I've dealt with two people in particular over the years. Dale Douglas and Rachelle. Both have been exemplary in terms of their friendliness and professional service.

    Now here is my story. Everything started with the Westone UM1. I had actually preciously bot the shure SE530 at the time and did not like their fit very much (though the sound was ok). Then i tried the UM1 and i was in heaven! The comply foam tips were the most comfortable i had ever tried. The UM1 sound was big and less polished but very good for the time. Then the "3" came out and again i was in love! Much more polished than the UM1 in every way and simply a fun monitor to have. Loved every minute of it. Finally i decided to jump the boat on theES5 when they came out. They were a tad more expensive than im used to but i spent so much time listening to them i said why not! Well they were heaven. No longer did i have to stop using them after hours and hours because the tips became irritating. The sound was even wider andmore detailed than anything else too. I was in nirvana. Spent days on end listening with them. Just lately the plastic enclosure broke. I sent them in and at a modest cost got it fixed. However a month later they broke again and westone paid for shipping and fixed them free of charge. Now something else happened which i wong disclose here but i think it is safe to say that i will continu buying westone products for their incredible comfort and staff!

    All the best all. And no i am in no way affiliated to Westone or related to anyone in the company or receiving any compensation whatsoever for this.

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