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Best IEMs or earbuds for working out/ running under $150

  1. jm722
    I am new to the whole audiophile game and have a pair of DT770s that I recently bought and need some IEMs too.  This forum steered me in the right direction last time.  I really enjoy the sound of the DT770s and would like similar bass or V shaped sound.

    So, I run on treadmills and lift weights daily so I am looking for a good pair under $150 or so.  I currently use Skullcandy Titans that I got for $20.  They're not great, but they are fine for my workout music (EDM/ hiphop).  I can use isolation of IEMs because I'm only indoors.  That being said, I'm not limited.

    I've been looking all over and have seen mixed reviews for:
    -Monster iSport
    -Bose sei2
    -Westone UM1
    -Shure 215 (w or w/o enhanced bass)
    -Turbine pro gold (probably too heavy for running as cable will pull out)

    I'm sure I'm missing a lot.  My priorities are as follows

    1. secure
    2. sound - hip hop/edm
    3. isolation

    I appreciate any help and other suggestions
  2. trentrosa
    I currently use a pair of Bose ie2 iems. They are quite comfortable and very secure once in your ears. They come with a beautiful case and 3 different tips as for accessories. I have found the sound to be decent for their price, however it may sound artificial for they are sculpted for better bass response. These monitors surely do not deserve the criticism Bose seems to undergo. However the sei2s are newer, so my guess is they will sound different than mine. Generally I will assume that is better!
  3. trentrosa
    However if you want sound isolation (on the treadmill or in the gym) this model does not provide a lot of it.
  4. jm722
  5. ZARIM
    The Bose IE2, Monster iSport are pretty good sounding (for Gym use) and fit securely. But if need higher end soundquality IEMs then GR07 are highly recommended because they are small enough to fit properly with adjustable nozzel and lots of tip, accessories. The other IEMs like JVC FXD80, Sony XBA3, Klipsch X10, X5, Etymotic HF5 are great buy too.
  6. Coop
    Westone W1 with Comply tips.
  7. jm722
    The klipsch are $110 now too. It's really hard to choose.

    I just don't want them falling out all the time like the image s4 did
  8. tquickbrownfox
    Did you wear your image s4s straight down or over the ear? Pretty much any iem wouldn't fall out if worn over the ear...
  9. ostewart
    Shure SE215 blue
  10. NimbleRabit
    I'm a big fan of the h2o iems for working out, just due to them being waterproof. I believe joker has some reviews for them in his big thread if you want to check those out.
  11. jm722
    yes I wore the S4 in ear and not over, that may be part of it.  Anyways, thank you for the recommendations so far.  Hoping a few more will help me make a decision. 
    Shure 215 LTD
    Westone 1
    Westone UM1 - heard not much bass
    GR07 have been recommended
    I want a sound like the DT770s so any other would be good
  12. DaddyMojo
    I have used my Bose Triports, Westone 3 Gold, and even my Apple iPhone 5 earbuds, which surprisingly stay in the ear well. However, my choice is the Klipsch S3, which gives me both great sound and good fit. While I enjoy the Westone UM3X more when I am relaxing and listening to music, I certainly don't want or need that kind of definition in my workouts.

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