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Westone or Shure

  1. nestea
    Hi, this is my first post on this forum
    I'm not new to the "hi-fi" gear ( i've had a pair of etymotic hf3) but now i need some new IEMs.
    I've got an iPod touch (new generation) as mp3 player, and the new earpods dont sound bad, but i gave them to my cousin, so now i have nothing to hear music.

    I'm beetween Westone 2 or 3 (also um2 and um3x) and Shure SE425.
    I like to hear Rock or metal, i also like dubstep, but specially Thrash Metal.

    What would you recommend me?
  2. DenonFnatic
    Hi nestea
    I currently have both the Westone 2 and Westone 3, for your musical taste I'd definitely put W3 > W2, however, I'd strongly recommend getting Comply T-100 foam tips or UM-56 to complement the Westone 3's, without them, I found W3's highly sibilant, bloated and lacked clarity. Can't say anything about the SE425s as I've never listened to them, hopefully someone else will be able to help you with that.
    Kind Regards
  3. Mooses9
    westone um3x all the way get the rc if you can.
    imo i was scratch the shures all together, but thats just me.
  4. nestea
    I've got Comply T-100 from my Ety :)
    What about the SE-425, are they bad?
    And where can i find W3 or UM3X at lowest prize?
  5. Mooses9
    imo the 425 arent bad, but for the price, i would go with the 535, imo the sound quality is much better with the 535, but i hate the connector on the SE line, and for the price the w4 are better than the 535 imo
    as far as finding the best price, you just have to really look are you looking to buy new or pre owned?
  6. xaddictionx
    For brand new, you may want to check out earphonesolutions. They are having a discount this week. Just type in GOLDEN as the discount coupon code to receive 25% off. It's really worth the purchase now.
  7. nestea
    I've found a pair of SE-535 V-EFS at Amazon for 290 euros!
    Should i buy it right now?
  8. Spyro
    Westone 3. Then UM2, then UM3x.
    UM3X might be technically better than UM2 but UM2 is more musical with a larger soundstage.

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