1. kane2727

    Help PLEASE!!! I need help choosing between the 1964 ears quad and the new V6 driver IEMs

    Hey everyone,im about to make my first serious investment in quality custom IEMs..i currently use a pair od 99.00 sure IEMs at church and i want to finally upgrade to a decent pair..i can afford the 1964 ears Quads or the new V6's but i need help please..Is it that much of a difference between...
  2. Regnox

    new headphones

    hi! I'm kind of new to headphones and i would like to know, what would be a good pair of headphones for me. I will use them to listen on my phone to a lot of music but mostly metal (in public so preferably a closed pair) and also on my pc that will have a xonar stx as the sound card.  ps...
  3. Xtron2112

    Need help picking new phones (kind of urgent)

    Well, it happened again.  My MDR-V6s have suffered a cable/jack break (bleeping Griffin Survivor case and it's tiny slot for jacks that managed to bend the jack even after I filed it down) and joined my SR-80s in the headphone graveyard.  I have decided that it might be best to upgrade to...
  4. sheepo

    Headphones up to 150 for mainly hip hop and mixing? (Narrowed it down to 3)

    Hello! I'm looking for an upgrade from my old JVC earbuds (xtreme xplosives to be exact), and decided to invest in some good over the ear headphones. I'm mainly going to be using these to listen to hip hop, funk, soul, and chip tune. I listen to everything, but that's what I mainly listen to. I...
  5. farhan

    Suggestion for (small) headphones while on the train and a lot of walking.

    Hello, I'm a university student and I was looking to get headphones to get before the Spring semester starts. I will be wearing them on the train and also while walking (which I have to do a lot of), so I need them to be the ear-bud kind, not the big over the ears ones. I currently use the Sony...
  6. vivalacarlo

    Audio technica ATH M50s vs Sony mdr V6 vs Sony mdr zx600 or Sony mdr zx700?

    Well, my budget is very tight since I am only a teenager so i literally have to wait next year to be able to buy new headphones (christmas money). I mostly listen to rap/hiphop/r&b but i do have a diverse music library. I have very bass heavy headphones like the mdr xb800s, mdr xb500s and the...
  7. Maxwell10206

    Recommend me Headphones

    I owned the Sony MDR-V6 but they broke. I believe it was the cable, something lost connection since it now produces crap sound.   I'm not sure if I want Open or Closed headphones. I'm usually in my room and the only sound I can hear would be people walking down the hallway and my fan's...
  8. KonKossKang

    Headphone cushion modding rare or common?

    I know how to take the q40 pads off and switch em.BUT,i want to know how many other headphones have that ability to Switch earpads with one another like the sennheiser 595 (could be wrong about that one)q40 etc.   If i already know these headphones can do that,why ask?Because there are...
  9. Audionaut

    What' a far price for the Denon AH-D2000?

    Since they've been discontinued, what's a fair price for the Denon AH-D2000 in the current market?  What are some reasonable price ranges for new and for used?   Going headphone hunting on Friday and there's a shop nearby that might have them new for $350 USD.  Thanks.  
  10. stiej1977

    Sony MDR V6 vs it's competition

    I am now the owner of the Sony MDR V6 studio monitor headphones. Purchased based on the abundance of excellent praise and 5 star reviews on   I was looking forward to using them on my Casio AP420 digital piano and primarily on my Cambridge Audio Azur 640 seperate hifi system...
  11. iyiyi

    New Sony MDR-V6s fuzzy when plug is moved....

    Hey guys, These are my first pair of studios, after looking at lots of reviews! They sound great, but wherever I plug them in (my iphone, speakers, or receiver) I can hear a fuzzy noise when I turn the plug or move it around.   Is this normal?   None of the cheapy earbuds or...
  12. CirrusPilot

    Pearstone Replacement Pads for Sony MDR V6/7506 - GET SOME!

    I wanted to purchase some replacement pads for my MDR 7506s because while they are my favorite headphone, I rarely wear them anymore because of how uncomfortable they are. After about 20 minutes my ears get really hot and feel like they are sweating. Not very enjoyable. I wanted to get plush...
  13. fartingisahobby

    How do nice quality headphones sound, do they really make the music sound better?

    I'm currently using $15 headphones that I got from wallmart .. I can listen to music and it sounds alright but I woundered, if I were to have better headphones would the music actually sound better? never got a chance to use some nice headphones you know, due to low cash.
  14. Kodhifi

    My review of the Sony MDR-V6

    A bit about my collection Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm AKG Q701 Sony MDR-V600 Sennheiser HD201 Sennheiser HD205 Sennheiser HD419 Grado SR60i The V6 used to be a standard in the recording and video/music production worlds and Sony decided to cash in on this by discontinuing the V6 and...
  15. Eyedea

    Vinyl use with Headphones

    Hey everyone. For the past year or so I have been listening to high quality music with my Sennheiser HD 650's. My setup is currently the HD 650's paired with the Schiit Bifrost DAC w/ usb and the Schiit Valhalla Tube Amp. I have my DAC plugged into my laptop with a usb cable where I play my...
  16. Fedora

    Headphones are hissing on my windows computer

    I have a pair of MDR-V6 and they used to not hiss when I'd listen to music in foobar or watch movies in MPC-HC. I don't know what happened but now suddenly, and only on my pc, my headphones hiss. If I move the plug to the rear jack, the hiss is still there. I don't know what happened or what...
  17. MellonCollie

    Alternatives for the Sony v6?

    I want the same studio quality but without the coil cable Big cables make me not want to use them outside
  18. Kodhifi

    Would this rackmount parametric equalizer work for removing HRTF from headphones?

    I'm trying to eliminate HRTF resonances in my listening setup. Right now I'm using a software parametric EQ but that only works in winamp and I want to do my entire signal path so that it works in games, in fruityloops, Itunes, etc so I can game, listen, and master, without those annoying 5k...

    Sony MDR-V6....The end of the beast?

    Showing up 'Not in stock' on Sony Store USA and Amazon don't have it in stock too. Only 3rd parties. Also the prices have gone high.   Is this the end?   I bought 2 as backup earlier when they were selling for $50.   These are probably the best headphone for value & price!
  20. idruke

    NEED ADVICE: Looking for low impedance, sub $100, over ear headphone that can run properly amp-less.

    Models like the k240 (55ohms), mdr-v6 (60ohms), senn 595 look to be too high impedance to run off my laptop. Could I get some recommendations that fit my criteria?   Thanks
  21. meighan01

    What would be the best headphones?

    Hi,   I am very uneducated about headphones and for that I apologize. But thank you for reading this thread!   My boyfriend is an inspiring artist and records his songs in our closet, he has high quality microphones and laptop and all around studio equipment, but because he has spent so...
  22. mark333

    3 Headphones

    For the past few weeks I was really intent on getting one of the higher end more "refined" headphones.  After a lot of pondering, I decided that I may be getting ahead of myself.  Maybe I don't want one refined, technically superior headphone.  I think since this is my first step info the...
  23. jigglywiggly

    Sealed headphones under 100$, a bit bassy and comfy?

    So I had the dt-770s and they broke. They were very comfy, and they sealed okay.   I currently have the takstar hi-2050s, and they sound nice, but they are open.     I know about the takstar pro 80 headphones, but they will take forever to be delivered.   Any other headphone...
  24. 1

    Sony MDR-V6-like IEMs?

    Long story short: Love the MDR-V6. Love absolutely everything about it. Durability, comfort, sound signature, etc. I use them everywhere.   Only problem is, they're just a bit troublesome to carry everywhere sometimes. So I'm looking for an IEM to match them.   Are there any affordable...
  25. sonelone

    Under $100 Headphones for Listening to All Kinds of Music

    I need advice for a pair of headphones to get for under $100. I've been considering the ATH-M30, MDR-V6, HA-RX700/900, Creative Aurvana Live, and HD280s. I listen to pretty much every genre of music. Anybody have recommendations? Headphones I haven't listed are fine too.