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Help PLEASE!!! I need help choosing between the 1964 ears quad and the new V6 driver IEMs

  1. kane2727
    Hey everyone,im about to make my first serious investment in quality custom IEMs..i currently use a pair od 99.00 sure IEMs at church and i want to finally upgrade to a decent pair..i can afford the 1964 ears Quads or the new V6's but i need help please..Is it that much of a difference between the 4 driver and the 6 to justify the extra cost? and are each better suited for certain types of environments.im an electric guitar player at a good sized church with about 6000 members and we do not use guitar amps on stage at all at the moment..we just upgraded from the Avioms to full digital My Mixes and i wans a great set of IEMs to compliment everything..id love some opinions since i have only known my single driver sures..i know either will make a world of difference..thanks in advance!!
  2. doublea71
    I've owned the Quads and all I can say is that they are really darn good, but the bass is quite strong with these.
  3. kane2727
    cool thats exactly what i was kind of hoping to find out..i want a nice solid bass but as guitarist i dont want the lows to be over powering but instead would a nice wide range..i think i may just lean toward the v-6 then..
  4. westsider
    Since you will be using them as monitors and setting your own mix that plays a big role in the decision. As a guitar player I believe you will be better with the V6's. Why, the bass is overpowering and will require compensation in your mix if you were a bass guitar player or drummer I would be telling you to get the Quads  I am not familiar with "digital My mixes" do you have a monitor engineer now or do you set your own mix like you did with the aviom system. I just got the V6's and I love them. Both will be good choices I just recommend the V6's. If you have a specific question let me know. I demoed the quads and V6's before making my choice and mixed several bands and events with them before making my choice.
  5. kane2727
    awesome thanks so much that is alot of help and just what i was hoping to learn.some of the guys at my church have the quads and they tell me thats all id need but they all play bass,drums and percussion and one Djs..the dual low drivers gave me the impression that it would be bass heavy and as a guitarist thats not exactly what i want.i want clarity,a nice crisp sound with some tight punch.over all a nice range of sound that will keep me happy and as close to live as i can get.The my mix are amazing because we can tweak each individual channel to add reverb and delays which really helps bring the in ears to life and i wanted some great IEMs to compliment that..definitely getting the V6s!!!
  6. doublea71
    You may even want to consider something that's more of a reference monitor - I don't know if the V6 is really the best option for stage use. The dual-driver model is their entry-level product and it is $300 cheaper than the V6. Unless you plan on using them with your ipod when you're not playing, I would seriously consider the 1964-D. They even specifically mention that it is "...great for vocalists and guitar players..."
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  7. kane2727
    Hey thanks for the great help everyone..I decided to go with a custom some customized V6 models..cant wait until they come in..as  the great  tom petty said,waiting is the hardest part haha..
  8. doublea71
    Let us know how it goes, eh? Best of luck.

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