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Headphones up to 150 for mainly hip hop and mixing? (Narrowed it down to 3)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sheepo, Nov 24, 2012.
  1. sheepo
    Hello! I'm looking for an upgrade from my old JVC earbuds (xtreme xplosives to be exact), and decided to invest in some good over the ear headphones. I'm mainly going to be using these to listen to hip hop, funk, soul, and chip tune. I listen to everything, but that's what I mainly listen to. I also produce hip hop, so I want fairly natural sound so I can mix and really hear the music I'm making. The hip hop i produce and listen to has a lot of soul samples, so i dont want huge bass or anything. My budget is 150, but I would be happy to pay less or a but more if the headphones are that much better.

    I've narrowed it down to 3 things, although I'm open to suggestions:

    -Audio Technica ATH M50
    These seem good, and they are closed which is better for when I listen in public, but I've read that open sound better (I've never used over the ear headphones) The only downside is that I've read that they have a V shaped EQ, and if I'm producing and mixing as well as listening this may be an issue, I don't know.

    -Sony MDR-V6
    Some say these sound harsh and have very bright highs, which is good. Not many downsides that I've found. Plus, they're cheap.

    -Grado SR80i
    First off, I love how these look. I've read that they are better for rock though, and not sure how they stack up with hip hop. I'm leaning towards these, can't find any downsides.

    So, is my analysis correct? Which do you think is best for my needs? Am I missing any gems? Sorry to open another one of these threads, but none of them seem to focus on someone who listens to a lot of hip hop and soul.
  2. Jcolon
    The ath-m50's fit the bill!
    I don't really feel the "V-shaped EQ"
    They are very comfortable and sound better the older they get!
    It has a nice natural sound to them. The closest true to source you might get for that price range!
  3. TwinQY
    If you want open, you could try out the K240, they're pretty decent. I'd also look into the HM5 and KNS8400.

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