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Headphone cushion modding rare or common?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by konkosskang, Jan 3, 2013.
  1. KonKossKang
    I know how to take the q40 pads off and switch em.BUT,i want to know how many other headphones have that ability to Switch earpads with one another like the sennheiser 595 (could be wrong about that one)q40 etc.
    If i already know these headphones can do that,why ask?Because there are certain headphones i want to try this on without fickinin them up.Would it be possible to Put xb500 cushions on the q40?AND be able to put them BACK on the xb500?
    Basically is this type of interchangeable pads a rare feature?
  2. Tjj226 Angel
    It depends on what you mean by rare. I would say that it is uncommon, but not rare. Sometimes if people just really hate headphone pads, they will make their own. 
  3. zazex
    Many headphones have interchangeable pads.
    Sometimes even different models & brands are interchangeable -
    for instance the Sony MDR V6/MDR 7506 accepts
    the Beyerdynamic DT250 earpad perfectly.
    Edit: added 'MDR 7506' after 'MDR V6'
    as the two are essentially identical
  4. KonKossKang
    Ah.Thanks for the input.I was curious because a fella here put xb500 pads on a headphone called Grado and showed a picture of it :p

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