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Sony MDR-V6....The end of the beast?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by audiobreeder, Feb 3, 2013.
    Showing up 'Not in stock' on Sony Store USA and Amazon don't have it in stock too. Only 3rd parties. Also the prices have gone high.
    Is this the end?
    I bought 2 as backup earlier when they were selling for $50.
    These are probably the best headphone for value & price!
  2. lilVaratep
    awh lame. i saw when they were around $60 as well. cheapest place i can find it is 84.99. I wanted some studio monitor headphones too =\.
    I dont know if it's just 'Out of Stock' and they will replenish it later.
    Normally on Sony Store, if something is being discontinued, they mention 'No longer available'
  4. JK1
    I just noticed the new Senal SMH-1000. It looks very much like the Sony V6 but has a detachable cable, and comes with both a long and short cable. I wonder how the sound compares to the Sony V6. I like the V6, but am wondering if the Senal SMH-1000 might sound better. Many complain that the V6 cable is too long, or that they wish it was detachable and spare cables available.
    I noticed that B&H has the Sony 7506 for $100 with velour earpads included free.
    Another choice is the Shure SRH440.

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