1. Blotto80

    It's a Sad Day

    Packing up my HD650s to ship them out for sale in the morning. I can't help but feel like I'm breaking up with a good friend.  It's weird, I'm constantly buying, selling, and upgrading my electronics and gadgets but I only ever feel an emotional attachment to speakers and headphones. Every time...
  2. KonKossKang

    Headphone cushion modding rare or common?

    I know how to take the q40 pads off and switch em.BUT,i want to know how many other headphones have that ability to Switch earpads with one another like the sennheiser 595 (could be wrong about that one)q40 etc.   If i already know these headphones can do that,why ask?Because there are...
  3. CirrusPilot

    Headphone Extension Cable

    I want to be able to listen to my vinyl setup from anywhere in my living room. Where the amp/turntable is located, I can't listen on the couch or at my desk. I have a pair of stock MDR 7506s. I bought a standard headphone extension cable from radioshack that is about 6' long. In theory, it would...
  4. CirrusPilot

    Pearstone Replacement Pads for Sony MDR V6/7506 - GET SOME!

    I wanted to purchase some replacement pads for my MDR 7506s because while they are my favorite headphone, I rarely wear them anymore because of how uncomfortable they are. After about 20 minutes my ears get really hot and feel like they are sweating. Not very enjoyable. I wanted to get plush...
  5. silence2-38554

    Best headphones for mixing Metal & Rock music?

    Alright, I've been on a sort of quest to find my ideal headphone the past few months, so far I have been largely unsuccessful.  Currently, I own the following cans & associated issues:   AKG K550 - Too difficult to get a good seal over my tall-ish ears & the sound varies too much if the seal...
  6. jsanfilippo5

    Alternative to the mdr 7506

    I Currently have the Sony MDR-7506 they sound great, but they are a little too bright for me - I like everything else about them, but the highs can get a little piercing and annoying if wearing them for a while.   Can anyone recommend a similar spec'd headphone with a more tamed treble?     ...
  7. cmdrdredd

    Need help selecting portable headphones with a budget of around $400 US

    Hi all, long time lurker and first time poster. I've been researching headphones for portable use lately. I've decided that I simply need help.    I listen to a lot of hard rock, metal, classic rock, & some dubstep. Normally this is from a Samsung Galaxy S3 modded with AC!D audio engine...
  8. HockeySavants

    Your "EQ" song(s)

    What music do you use when you are comparing headphones or tuning your headphones?     Years and years of listening to Dave Matthews Band, I find myself using "Before These Crowded Streets" an an excellent reference for tuning my speakers or headphones.  Not just an amazing album, but has...
  9. HolyXtremeZ

    Headphones around USD200

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I am from Malaysia. :)   I am finding a headphones around $200. Not sure which one is good though.. got my eyes on the M50 and beyer COP.  are there any better headphones out there with 200?  Um... listen to almost all types of songs.. (Usually country, rock...

    Sony MDR-V6....The end of the beast?

    Showing up 'Not in stock' on Sony Store USA and Amazon don't have it in stock too. Only 3rd parties. Also the prices have gone high.   Is this the end?   I bought 2 as backup earlier when they were selling for $50.   These are probably the best headphone for value & price!
  11. Waveboy

    Which 'Closed' Cans produce the least amount of sound in the $100-$250 range?

    As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD595's which i absolutely Adore. The sound that they produce is absolutely amazing. BUT i no longer have the desire to use them for gaming(Total NintenFreak here hehe) because of the ridiculous amount of sound leakage which isn't exactly ideal considering...
  12. reddiger

    Help me narrow and critique my selections for personal headgear audio please.

    I am completely new to quality personal audio equipment and after a bit of searching and impromptu research, I have narrowed my choices. First off, the use will be for personal home audio use in a fairly noise environment while listening to music, movies, and occasional video games without the...
  13. Kolapso

    Portabel on ear (or overear) for classical and folk (violin)

    Hi, I'm Looking for a great pair of on ears to use for commuting on the train to and from work, and also to be used in an Office landscape (not particularly noisy, but sometimes it's very noticable) I Mainly listen to classical or folk music, and want to Try a pair of on ears, instead of the...
  14. tuck4x4

    Full-sized Headphones that have Etymotic sound? alessandro ms1i?

    I've had ATH m50s and loved them, but did not enjoy wearing them.    I've had the Vmoda M80s and they were great, but to my ears there was a bit of distortion in certain blues-ey types of music in the mid bass range.   I tried a pair of Sony 7506s and, to my ears, they sounded better...
  15. korewest

    I miss my old headphones, HELP!

    I used to have my beloved headphones called AKG K840 KL However, after being let down by the lack of bass in those headphones, I decided to sell them. Now as I continue to pursue my enthusiasm for headphones, I miss the treble extension and the bright sparkly details in my old AKG cans...
  16. mitan14

    Decent studio monitoring headphones for ~£100 ??

    Hi,   I'm looking for some circumaural monitoring headphones for around the £100 price point.    Out of interest, what are some recognised brands for these types of headphones?   Cheers
  17. doublea71

    The Hassle-Free Headphone Recommendation Thread: Cans that sound great without amping, modding, or burn-in.

    I think the title says it all. What are the best headphones, open or closed, that need no amping, modding, or burning-in to sound great? If I just want to plug something into my ipod and be on my merry way, what should I buy?   Suffice to say, many will likely improve with amping, but let's...
  18. ThinkAwesome

    So many headphones use the similar pads...

    I've been noticing that a large number of headphones have interchangeable pads. A staggering number of headphones are compatible with these Beyerdynamic velour pads. The DT250 and DT280 that they were originally designed for, the Sony MDR-V6/7506, CD700, ATH-M30/M35, M50, and Monoprice 8323 to...
  19. Catharsis

    Sony MDR-V6 driver Myth

    Hi all,   A lot of discussion tends to ensue regarding the differences between the MDR-V6 and the MDR-7506 and the common answers based on part numbers between both models have been:   a) the outer earcups are embossed with either V6 w/ red "for digital" sticker, or 7506 w/ blue...
  20. iNothing

    Sony MDR-V6

    so im going to buy the sony MDR-V6 from amazon. So i was wondering should i buy these beyerdynamic Velour pads now or later or should i even buy them at all?
  21. TheBoss

    Can anyone recommend me something that can power a Sony MDR V6 / 7506 "With Authority"?

    I hear/read that these headphones can sound more "smooth" and "transparent" when you give it more juice... not just to further increase volume but also refine some of V6/7506 headphone's rough edges such as its treble, "rebuild" the lost mids (when powered only with portable devices like iphones...
  22. TheInquisitive1

    Can someone help me? (O2 Odac 'problem')

    Hello head-fiers.   Today I acquired some beloved HD600 with the O2 ODAC combo and I love them, they sound fantastic!   But, one problem... I plugged my HD600 directly into some cheap PC World Essentials 2.0 speakers (worth £7, they have a headphone jack) expecting bad results.   It's not...
  23. ch1ngchung

    Sony MDR V6 vs 7506

    Last year I got Sennheiser HD419's and they sounded amazing but a little muffled, like they were holding back the mids and trebles. Now, I've decided to get professional headphones, and I've settled on either the V6's or the 7506's.   What's the difference between these two headphones besides...
  24. duckiedeity

    Inexpensive headphones for monitoring audio in movie production

    Sorry, tried this thread in the help/recommendations forum but no response in 4+ hours and this is a somewhat time-sensitive concern.   Hey guys. Long time no post. I'm back to ask the reliable and knowledgeable users of head-fi about headphones that would be best suited for monitoring audio...
  25. Exit Pupil

    The Worst Myth at Head-Fi.....?

    it has to be that the HD650 has a veil. ohh how i've tried to find it, this veil they all talk about. just did the hearing thresholds through the hd650 at from one of the other threads, and i'm pleased to report, from my ears, the 650 is sweet and...