I miss my old headphones, HELP!
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Nov 12, 2012
I used to have my beloved headphones called AKG K840 KL
However, after being let down by the lack of bass in those headphones, I decided to sell them.
Now as I continue to pursue my enthusiasm for headphones, I miss the treble extension and the bright sparkly details in my old AKG cans.
The sound on the AKG K840 KL can be described as a bit harsh but detailed. Vocals were crisp and forward, while the bass extension was significantly lacking. I didn't enjoy the sound characteristics at first, but as I listen to more and more headphones, I miss the detailed presentation of the mid and treble range.
Has anyone here listened to the AKG K840's before?
Regardless, are there any recommendations for a portable can of such sound characteristics?
My budget is ~$200, on / over the ear, portable, and closed back is highly preferred.
Thank you

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