1. Zi00

    Wireless headphone - Best bang for the buck?

    I have not seen any forum section for wireless headphones, so if one exists, please bear with me.    I am looking for a wireless headphone which:    - is less than $300 - offers good sound quality, mainly for movies, games, and music  - has no or very little interference  - can be...
  2. Saoshyant

    Highly portable headphones

    Hi all.  As this forum is slowly draining my expendable funds, I'm growing curious about highly portable headphones, and when I mean portable, I mean on the level of the KSC75 and PX200-II.  Disregarding IEMs and similar, what might be an upgrade beyond the two listed headphones?  Any...
  3. doggrell3000

    wireless full size phones

    is there a wireless full size pair of phones that are worth owning ? i mostly listen to solo classical piano but do on occasion listen to songs written in the past twenty years . wireless phones have not received very enthusiastic reviews but i was hoping the technology may have recently...
  4. korewest

    I miss my old headphones, HELP!

    I used to have my beloved headphones called AKG K840 KL However, after being let down by the lack of bass in those headphones, I decided to sell them. Now as I continue to pursue my enthusiasm for headphones, I miss the treble extension and the bright sparkly details in my old AKG cans...
  5. davisxu

    Mint AKG K840KL Kleer Audio *LOSSLESS* Wireless Headphones!! Paid $300 from AKG Direct with 2yr Warranty!

    Up for sale or trade is my mint condition set (less than 20 hours, prolly not even burned in yet lol) of AKG K840KL Kleer Audio LOSSLESS headphones. Infinitely better quality than bluetooth wireless. All accessories included. If you haven't tried Kleer Audio Lossless technology you must !   ...
  6. Asnobanga

    Buying help for a really good wireless headphone for less than 299$

    Hello! Im thinking to buy a wireless headphone.   The headphone need to have excellent sound and also a good quality feeling. And i really want the headphone to almost not leak sound in and out.   And that i will not need to charge it all the time.   It should not cost more than...
  7. danquoc

    Are the K 840 KL's good?

    How is the sound quality of the K 840 KL? I was looking at the M50's and SRH840 and I stumbled upon these. How does the sound compare to them?
  8. AKG K840KL On-Ear Wireless Headphone - Black

    AKG K840KL On-Ear Wireless Headphone - Black

    Harman AKG K840KL High-performance Kleer wireless on-ear mini headphones