1. Christianh

    Beginner question. What amp to drive my Sony MDR-7506 cans from the separate soundcard in my comp

    Currently im running a ESI Juli@ which in turn runs a cans of Sony MDR-7506 with a y-cable (2X TRS to a headphone jack 6.5mm TRS)   Recently some ppl told me that this setup won't give me any...
  2. harvinstein

    FS: Sony MDR-7506 (updated version of the V6)

    Bought these in February.  They are well used.  They had a short in the jack, so I re-terminated them with a Switchcraft 35HDBAU.  I believe the pads were replaced just before I bought them.   Price includes CONUS shipping.  If you are OCONUS, PM me to work out shipping details.
  3. Hente


    Cable is in pretty bad quality, and the pads are just done for, however the headphones still sound normal. $35 + shipping, no overseas shipping please.
  4. Hente


    Cable is in pretty bad quality, and the pads are just done for, however the headphones still sound normal. $35 + shipping, no overseas shipping please. Sold.
  5. Hrimthursum

    FS Sony MDR-7506

    I am offering my MDR-7506s because I am really low on cash. They have no pads so I am wondering what Head-fi will offer me for them. Thanks! (pictures to come)
  6. meltie

    Germany/EU Sony MDR-7506 mint condition

    Selling my barely used Sony MDR-7506. I like the sound but the earcups are a bit shallow for my taste and I prefer other headphones because of this. It is in absolutely mint condition and has had less than 10 hours headtime. Comes in original packing with receipt dating 28.04.2011. I've checked...
  7. taylorb

    Why am I having to buy another pair of MDR-7506s?

    About a year and a half ago I asked for advice on headphones, and ended up buying some Hi-Fi RE0s and MDR-7506s. Its been a bad past year, with my RE0s vanishing and just a couple weeks ago my MDRs going out in the right ear. Add on top of all this, my landlord took my ENTIRE vinyl collection...
  8. ourfpshero

    broken sony mdr-7506 and mdr-v6

    this is an interest check for an mdr-7506 and a mdr-v6   both have the left speakers not working. the earpads are shot on both and the coiled cords are stretched
  9. denclock

    Recommendations for Closed back over the ear cans for <100

    I am new to head-fi, but I have been lurking for a bit. I like good sound like everyone, my recent foray was prompted by the crap sound quality of my Idevices.  I just got the Fiio E6 in the mail, and I think I am going to like it.  I have these headphones Klipsch S4i, Iem Beats that someone...
  10. halfschool

    Sony MDR-7506, V6 or 7505?

      I've heard the 7506 and V6 are virtually the same  , but is there a difference in sound quality? If not, I might go for the V6 (cheaper) but if the 7506's sound better I'll pay the extra money.    I'm also interested in the 7505's, but only because they're smaller...
  11. JCRG

    Sony MDR-7506 vs MDRZX700; so similar in price/acclaim, that i just can't decide.

    Going to upgrade from my senns to some sony cans, because i've felt lately that my senns have the attitude of a frozen stone. I've chosen Sony as the next brand, because of its availabilty. So anyways, any of you guys had the chance to try both of them headphones? I feel like i'm comparing an...
  12. Skyman

    Brand new SONY MDR-7506 vibrating in Left ear

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Just got a pair of Sony MDR-7506's and I do like them quite a bit; better than my Bose OE1's, volume is louder, no distortion at the high volumes, etc. However, I have an issue and was wondering if anyone here has experienced this too. On some songs, like Norah Jones...
  13. zambz

    Companion to SRH840 for studio? K271/240/701, DT250/DT880, MDR-7506/7510, HD-600/650 or SRH-940?

    Hey guys, I would really like to buy a second pair of headphones for the studio.  I appreciate that open cans sound better in general but I really need to stick to closed or semi open (minimal leakage) cans as they are primarily used when I can't use my monitors for mixing and for tracking.  ...
  14. nlse

    What earpads for best sounds and comfort for Sony MDR-7506 / MDR-V6,

        Pearstone Deluxe Earpads (Pair)     or the    BEYERDYNAMIC EDT 250 V VELOUR EAR PADS     for the best possible sound, and...
  15. Phono Groove

    Sony MDR-7506 headphones - like new

    Sony mdr-7506 headphones bought a few months ago, comes with original box and quarter inch adapter.  Headphones are mint and like new, reason for selling: I just bought a pair of Sennheiser HD-650, I accept Paypal, check my feedback on ebay been selling audio gear for over a decade, im new here...
  16. tehgreatguy

    Sony V6/MDR7506 VS AKG K142HD, Looking for advice and feedback on both, and which one is worth buying

    Back at it again, still have not found proper headphones to do the job...wah...wah...waaahh...   Iv been looking at the titles headphones because they seem to be the best and affordable choice for my wallet. I mainly just listen to jazz,house,trance,breaks. But the twist is that I game a lot...
  17. nam3

    What in-ear 'equivalent' to an MDR-7506

    Hi, I've been thoroughly reading your articles for a little while and amidst all the local expertise I just can't seem to be sure of which one I really want in the end. So I thought I'd just ask for some direct input. Because I actually know exactly how to phrae what I'd want. "An In-Ear with...
  18. letech

    ATH M50 or MDR-7506

    Greetings!    I'm trying to decide which of these two headphones I should get.   As a background: I currently own the Koss Prodj100s and I like the clarity and the size, however I was disappointed in the amp and the bass response.    I'm using them for: Personal Listening (About...
  19. I g o r

    Sony MDR-7506 - is this a fake? Inconclusive results, please help.

      Hello everyone! It's my first post and I'm sorry to give you another "is this fake?" thread. But since my results are inconclusive, I need help from you guys. I'm a musician (bass player) and I love high quality audio, but don't have many equipment. I own a UE for two years...
  20. kurd

    MDR-ZX700 vs MDR-7506

    I found the MDR-7506 for my brother to buy, it's 23 euros more than the ZX-700.  I wonder which one is actually better, I've never heard the audio quality of the MDR-7506 so please tell me which one's better!  thanks!
  21. Cam3ron

    MDR-7506 Fixing cable.

    The coiled cable on my new pair of 7506s has become tangly and ugly. It is coiling the wrong way sometimes and is stretched out to the point of very loose coils. A google search showed me how to bake a phone cable, but that isn't possible with these relatively expensive headphones. Any help...
  22. WyattLW

    Working with some MDR-7506's (NOOB)

    First of all, do these guys even need an amp? My computer is pretty bad, and my iPod is an old one, so I'd like to think that my Sony's are not being used to their full potential.  I'm no pro, but I really enjoy quality sound in my music (I close my eyes and truly listen).  I know the MDR-7506's...
  23. scootsit

    Beyerdynamic EDT 250 Velour Padded Earcushions for DT250, DT280, Sony MDR-7506 and V6 Headphones

    Hello! I have a pair of EDT 250 Earpads. I bought them for my Sony MDR-V6 in an effort to make them more comfy. I have giant ears and really never liked them, they were a little bit too small for me. I used them for maybe an hour, but probably less, they look and feel brand new.   Given...
  24. fejnomit

    Sony MDR-7506 Pro Headphones **SOLD**

    Hello and thank you for looking.  These are circumaural,closed-back stereo headphones ideal for professional applications.  40mm neodymium magnet drivers deliver deep bass, low distortion and wide dynamic range.   The MDR-7506 is a staple within the recording, film and live arenas. Due to...
  25. Tristan944

    Review: Sennheiser HD598 vs Ultrasone HFI-780 vs Sony MDR-V6 (MDR-7506) vs Grado SR80i

    Ive listened to the Ultrasone HFI-780, Sony MDR-V6 (MDR-7506), Grado SR80i, and the Sennheiser HD598. The HD598 wins. The Ultrasone HFI-780 has absolutely terrible sibilance/sibilant. This is a common complaint with these cans. The 780 has better bass than the HD598, but the sibilance ruins...