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Inexpensive headphones for monitoring audio in movie production

  1. duckiedeity
    Sorry, tried this thread in the help/recommendations forum but no response in 4+ hours and this is a somewhat time-sensitive concern.
    Hey guys. Long time no post. I'm back to ask the reliable and knowledgeable users of head-fi about headphones that would be best suited for monitoring audio during the filming/production of a movie. Obviously the priority with these headphones should be accuracy and neutrality and then secondarily isolation. My friend is the one working on this movie and he's basically paying for all the equipment himself, so the budget isn't very big. I need two pairs of headphones for about a soft $100 total.
    I checked the Headphone Buying Guide, and the only three 'phones marked "N" for neutral (in my buddy's price range) are Tascam TH-02 for $15-30 a piece, Koss ProDJ 100 for around $45, and Sony MDR V6/7506 for $80-100 a piece. The Tascam obviously intrigues me because of its extremely inexpensive price point and its disproportionately glowing reviews and noted neutrality. My friend might be relieved if this ends up being my recommendation because it means he doesn't have to spend more money, but I know he works really hard on his films and cares about making high-quality finished products. This leads me to the Sony MDR V6 or 7506 (probably 7506, since it seems to be a bit cheaper). It seems to be an industry standard and is known to be accurate, neutral, and clean especially in the midrange. The problem is one pair costs nearly as much as he can spend on the two monitoring 'phones he needs.
    Does anyone have any other recommendations for headphones that meet the audio monitoring accuracy and neutrality needs and also the budget? Again, we're shooting for about $100 for two pairs of headphones, total. If the Sony MDR7506 is indeed the ideal headphone for this, there might be options on ebay, so don't be afraid to tell me that's the ideal one even if it normally wouldn't fit the budget.
    Really appreciate the help, head-fi!
  2. MrTechAgent
    The V6/7506s are not neutral 
    The best neutral reference headphone you can buy is the NVX XPT100 , the only major issue being rolled off sub-bass and slightly accentuated mid-bass , other than that no colourations.
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  3. duckiedeity
    Thanks for your response.  These seem a little bit hard-to-find and a little bit out of the price range unfortunately.  I appreciate the tip though, I'll keep an eye out.

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