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    Samsung R0 + Cmoy with DJ100
  2. folie

    Cheap , decent amp for Koss Pro DJ100

    Hey guys ,I'm interested in buying an amp for my Koss Pro DJ100 , I was debating between buying a soundcard or an amp , but some people told me the amp is better , so here I am , in search for a decent low priced amp , I do not want to spend much , 50-60 euros or such , I would much appreciate...
  3. TheEvilNarwhal

    Best Closed Headphones for $80

    I showed my friend my setup and now he wants to get into headphones. He is looking for a good set of clkosed cans for around $80. He wants to pair a fiio e11 with them too. I have suggested the Koss DJ100. He is also interested in the Shure srh 440 and the KRK kns 6400. Feel free to express your...
  4. KickDrum

    First pair of 'good' DJ headphones help?

    Hello Head-Fi, This is my first ever post, so go easy on me, I've come here looking for some advice from you audio pros! I recently started DJing. I got some direct drive turntables run off what can only be described as a cowboy set up - an old cd changer with some pretty big speakers. Anyway...
  5. wtfsureprob

    Need help finding headphones for video games and music? (Price Range $100-$300)

    Hey guys,   I'm an avid video gamer as well a listener to EDM, dubstep, house, trance, jazz, classical, and rock music. I wanted to know are there any good headphones for the price range of 100-300 dollars that can help with listening to my choices of music as well as my hobby of video...
  6. AnthonyMcEwen

    Need a upgrade, Help me get some nice "proper" Headphones.

    Right I Currently own some SHOCKING Sony MDR-XD200. Have decided I need a Upgrade. I'm from the UK So I have have also put my budget in USD as well. OK I now have a budget of £50 ($80) but can streach to £65 ($100) if there is something that will really be worth the extra £££.... But that's my...
  7. Ragwolfe

    Looking for £50 (amazon UK only) over ear headphones any recommendations.

    My PC gaming headset broke, so I am not looking for a set of over ear headphones for gaming (I have obtained a modmic) can anybody give me any recommendations. I am looking also for a more flat sound signature I like quite balanced headphones but too be honest a lot of headphones will be better...
  8. domthebigbomb

    Sub $150 headphone/amp vs existing bose/beats

    Hey guys I currently own a pair of beat studios and bose qc2 (yea yea i know the hate) but i was thinking of picking up a pair of koss tbse1 and a fiio e11. Is the sound quality from the dj100/tbse1 better than that of the bose/beats? or should i just save me money for other things. Thanks...
  9. leafer

    Hello new world!

    I confess...two weeks ago I had no idea. Not a clue such things existed. Such sexy, curvy and beautiful plastic/metal listening things. :D In fact I have never put on a pair of good 'cans' in my life but that's about to change no thanks to all of you (more on this later). I'm a jogger and have...
  10. ekko

    Want to buy new mid-range headphones, need help!

    So I want to buy new sub-130$ headphones... There are ton of choices in that category so I will write down few that look cool, but I want someone to give me advice which one would be best. :)  Koss ProDJ200 AudioTechnica ATH-M50 Ultrasone Pro 550 V-Moda Crossfade LP I would take FiiO E6...
  11. jenriquenunez

    need some help on some portable headphones

    i narrow down my choices to sennheiser hd 439 and monster inspiration, monster's are 100 bucks more expensive, i want to know if its worth it to pay 200 for some monsters headphones.   is mainly to listen r&b, electronic, dubstep and all that. Plz some good oponions guys btw im new here 
  12. Don Tonberry

    Suggestions for Budget well rounded headphone?

    I've been using my JVC flats for quite some time now and they are just now starting to wear out a little so I'm looking for new headphones to replace them. I quite liked the sound of the Flats so I'd maybe prefer to get something similar and balanced like the Flats. I listen mainly to Rock...
  13. dweaver

    KOSS IL100/200 KTC Impressions thread

    I decided to pick up a pair of the new KOSS IL200 yesterday since the store (London Drugs in canada) I bought them at has a no hassle return in case I don't like them.   This is a brand new product from KOSS that has no reviews out as of yet. Here is a stock picture of how they interlock...
  14. Noamit

    What should I buy? classical music ~100$

    Hi guys, I despertly need an help.  I'm looking for a budget headphones, 100 $ max (including amp if needed). I hear mostly classical music, mainly orchestral but some piano and vocal as well. In addition, it should have a fine isolation, since I listen to my music almost only in loudy...
  15. liuk

    Comfortable, inexpensive all-round closed headphones for office use: a request with few alternatives.

    Hey guys, I am a normally-headed human being, with slightly bigger ears than usual and glasses. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii, super-awesome but really uncomfortable. I travel very often for work and they are amazing in isolating aircraft sounds and noisy people, but sitting...
  16. cian114

    Looking to upgrade

    I'm looking to buy a new pair of cans. I've been using a Sennheiser HD428, but I I am no audiophile (yet), and I need some advice. I've been checking out a couple of headphones; Sony mdr v6 or 7056's, shure 440's. Among these which would you recommend, or if there are other sets that I can check...
  17. vivalacarlo

    Should I get the Koss ProDJ100 or the sony mdr-v6?

    They seem to be similar prices in amazon so i thought comparing the two was appropriate. I have owned the xb500s so i think i am a basshead. So i think that is one thing to consider, and also from owning the xb500 i am annoyed at how big it is so i am looking for something portable. 
  18. Dorel

    help buying new headphones!

    hi everyone, I am looking for a new set of headphones around 100$ (the lower the price the better). I hear all kind of music (except rock): mostly Hip-Hop but also Trap,House,Electro... the design is important to me, so i want headphones that looks like - Dr. Dre Beats or Sol Republic Tracks...
  19. MadJack820

    Full-sized workout headphones

    I'm looking for a pair of over/on ear headphones for running/ working out for ~$50 or less. I'd like them to be relatively comfortable but secure. I can tolerate a pretty strong clamp from over ears so that's no issue for me. Sound source is my phone/ zune so while I don't want stock ipod bud...
  20. tdockweiler

    Koss BT540i Impressions

    Anyone have these on order? They just came out and i'm pretty excited to get a pair of them when I actually have money! They also have an aux input. If they didn't I'd have skipped them.   It looks similar to my favorite DJ100/200, but a bit bigger (for the bluetooth stuff) and best of all...
  21. duckiedeity

    Inexpensive headphones for monitoring audio in movie production

    Sorry, tried this thread in the help/recommendations forum but no response in 4+ hours and this is a somewhat time-sensitive concern.   Hey guys. Long time no post. I'm back to ask the reliable and knowledgeable users of head-fi about headphones that would be best suited for monitoring audio...
  22. jugate

    Recomendations under 99 dolars

    I need a upgrade for the fidelio l1.   ath-m30 koss dj 100 takstar 2050 samsonb 950   or what? thanks a lot.   is for music, celtic/rock/pop/clasic so wanted to be a all ground headphone.
  23. zunehdrocks

    Koss prodj100 with m50 pads vs audiotechnica ath m50

    Comfort/build: Overall, the ath m50 wins.  The ath m50 has better strain reliefs and the coiled cable is longer. The sheath on the cable simply feels better. The swiveling mechanism also seems to be more sturdy. The comfort is pretty much the same but the koss's un-natural shaped headband...
  24. Rallerbabz

    Looking for a headphone/Earphone/IEM

    Hi!   I'm currently looking around for a good quality headphone for my father, hopefully someone is willing to help :-)   First of all, he has a hear impairing so while he may not be able to hear all tones as good, it needs still needs to be high quality so he can hear the tones as clearly...
  25. noeltoh98

    Can someone tell me which headphones should I get? Audio Technica ATH-BB500 or Audio Technica ATH-M30x?

    I'm getting it as a gift for someone, and in my country both of these headphones are the same price. Therefore I don't know which is better and which one I should get for him. Please do not tell me to spend more and get an M50x because I already own those and they are way out of my budget for a...