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Full-sized Headphones that have Etymotic sound? alessandro ms1i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tuck4x4, Apr 7, 2013.
  1. tuck4x4
    I've had ATH m50s and loved them, but did not enjoy wearing them. 
    I've had the Vmoda M80s and they were great, but to my ears there was a bit of distortion in certain blues-ey types of music in the mid bass range.
    I tried a pair of Sony 7506s and, to my ears, they sounded better than either of the others, in a clinically sharp kind of way.
    But I keep going back to my Etymotic MC5s. I dont find them to be lacking in bass at all.
    Im looking for a set of open or closed headphones that I can use at home to listen to a very wide range of music ranging from classical, to hip hop to the black keys and white stripes. I use a Fii0 e6 on a 4th g Nano.
    Ive been looking closely at the Allessandro Ms1i's or some Grados in the sub $150 range for home use, and Ety HF5s for portables.
    Can anyone make a good recommendation please?
  2. tuck4x4
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