1. curlysue

    moded . . Senal SMH-500 and SMH-1000 . . Sony MDR7506 and MDR-V6 . . with special thanks to Graphicism

    After purchasing a pair of Senal SMH-500, I found the ear pads (cushions) were a bit snug for my comfort.    Initially, I thought about buying a pair of Senal Extra Deep Ear Pads listed at BHPhoto . . . but they sell for $25 shipped and that was TOO pricey IMO - particularly when the velour...
  2. chickennuggets

    Replacement pads for Audio Technica ath-m30x. BD edt-250V?

    I used some beyerdynamic edt 250V pads for my mdr7506's. I'm wondering if you guys know if the same pads will work with the ath-m30x's. Thanks!
  3. Casino66

    Need Suggestions for smooth sounding over-ear headphones with recessed midrange (opposite mdr-7506)

    After many years of using mdr-7506 for my work as a location sound mixer (TV, video, film) I need to find something smoother on the midrange as I am finding these frequencies more painful now. This isn't for music mixing or for a hifi, so I don't need lots of detail or lots of bass.. It is...
  4. arbiche

    Woodify a Sony Mdr-7506

    Hello guys. let me share my latest project. My friend from Davao , Philippines asked me to modify his Sony mdr-7506.   I crafted a wood cups for it, recabled and sew an angled pleather pads.   Bass now is fuller and tight. It trims the treble in a favorable way.         This is the...
  5. OldSchool969

    Looking for a similar sound to the Sony MDR-7506 but with a little more low end. Preferrably AKG.

    I've been using my set of MDRs for the past 4 or 5 years now but I think it's time to move on. They are primarily used for music production and occasional listening. The neutrality is great for production but they are more of a contrast to my KRK studio monitors so I'm looking for something that...
  6. Brownstone

    What are the most useful reference headphones?

    Is there any good guidance on what models would be considered the most useful "reference" headphones?   I'm probably using the word "reference" in a very specific way, so let me define what I'm really looking for.  What models of headphones are so widely owned and understood that they can be...
  7. P098

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50...still the best under $200 headphone?

    Hello,   I currently own Sony MH-1C earbuds, they sound brilliant, but i want to upgrade to full size headphones, my budget is $200, I want headphones with great bass without compromising the mids and high, so if im in mood of some smooth jazz, i can enjoy it without getting frustrated about...
  8. DanthePolishman

    Introduction and help with first headphones - Sony MDR7506's

    Hey head-fi,   Threads about the 7506's have been posted in the millions on the internet, but I still have questions about my first set up. I'll say what I need and for what purposes.    1) I bought the MDR-7506 on December 22nd, and so far they have been spectacular, at least to my...
  9. Xaborus

    Sony Went Full Retard: Sony MDR V6 Discontinued

    For those of you who don't know, the MDR V6 was the unofficial industry standard for music production /mixing/ radio headphones. Why on earth would Sony discontinue its single most popular and successful headphone. It's official guys.
  10. cheapous

    Senal SMH-1000 vs. Sony MDR-V6/MDR-7506: A Tale of Stolen Swagger

    Introduction   The SMH-1000 is a headphone that not only looks almost exactly like the MDR-V6/MDR-7506, its physical design has been improved in a few subtle ways.  The sound signature of the SMH-1000 is in fact rather different to my ears than the Sony offerings and I think that for casual...
  11. TheBoss

    Is Senn. HD 280 a good buy for $79.00 new ?

    My local Best Buy store has the HD 280 for demo and purchase. The thing I noted is how slightly refined this is compared to Sony V6/7506... and boy HD280s do have vice-grip, it almost gives Bose-like noise-cancelling silence when you wear them.
  12. TheBoss

    I only have few hours to decide... Audio Technica ATH M40

    The ATH M40 is attractively discounted on amazon right now and i almost impulse-bought it a few hours ago. price aside... is this headphone any good compared to its big brother (M50) and other highly regarded monitors out there like the Senn HD 280, Sony 7506 and Shure 440?
  13. bong

    headphones and spiky hair

    hello again. i dunno how many people on the board have spiky hair, but i do and it makes wearing headphones very difficult (for my hair, that is! ) i mainly use headphones s double duty as earmuffs in the cold NYC winter. any other season i use my E888s or my EX70s. but anyway, i hate how...
  14. randomalt

    Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506? Differences?

    I'm in the market to get a properly decent, yet reasonably-priced, pair of headphones right now, as my mediocre Sony MDR-NC22s are about to kick the bucket. After trying an MDR-V6 at a Sony outlet store, I fell in love with the set for its price, since it seems to outperform absolutely any pair...
  15. ivrljicak

    Headphones to match Adam a7x monitors (currently have sony mdr-7506)

    I recently started producing solely with headphones (sony mdr-7506) and recently bought adam a7x monitors. The difference in sounds is notable (headphones are way crisper on the mid-high / highs) and although I should do most of my production with monitors, sometimes is not an option: I do it...
  16. rockopotomus

    Sony MDR-7506 too dry? Suggestions?

    Just wondering if you guys think the 7506 is too dry for general listening. I have them and like them, though sometimes they seem like they are a bit boring, really depends on the song. I am looking for maybe another recommendation. At this point I don't know how much I want to spend or if I...
  17. Trunks159

    Are Grados One-Dimensional

    Every review on head-fi claims that the grados (only talking about the prestige series) really just a bunch of little one trick ponies.
  18. Pedro Oliveira

    Wanted Creative Aurvana Live! and Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506

    Hi guys....   I am from Portugal and i would really love to buy 2 of these 3 headphones for a good price (40 euros a piece tops).   Of course they have to be in very good conditions, preferably they must still be within warranty time and must have purchase certificates. In case of the...
  19. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  20. Knightwolf15

    Looking for new headphones

    Falling shelf scared my dog who was laying on the wire of my Shure SRH840s which in turn broke them in half at the headband. I don't necessarily care if my new cans are open or closed. I'd prefer to stay under 250 or 200 USD but I'm willing to go up to 300 USD. Currently I'm considering the AKG...
  21. vazmuten

    Which is your favorite "closed can" Over-the-Ear headphones

    Hello ! I would like to make a small research on the following theme:    "Which is your favorite "closed can" Over-the-Ear headphones" - if you have to live with only one of these :)   Just write down the manufacturer, the model and a short explanation.   Thank you in advance !
  22. H

    General Advice on first real headphones.

    Hey, so I recently decided I wanted to get headphones that are of a quality that will enhance my music listening experience rather than keep it stagnant. After spending tons of time searching the web and going through forums I couldn't find anyone that had a request similar enough to mine to...
  23. A

    Best Circumaural and In-Ear Headphones for Rock- want low, mid and high to be reproduced accurately as it would be Live

    I have been searching the forums and have been unable to come to any certain conclusions.  It seems a lot of people say certain headphones would be good for a certain type of music and then I read a statement that is either contradictory or leads me to believe the other persons opinion would not...
  24. jawnn

    phones that do not break?

    A half year ago I got a pair of Sentry head phones. And quickly discovered they have too much base for my cheap CD player, but they work OK for my Sansa fuse.   Then a month ago I discovered they have a switch inside the speaker pods; one side is very difficult to keep on. But with out the...
  25. nineohtoo

    WTB: Sony MDR-7506/V6

    Looking for two pairs of these, but I'm in no rush to get both. Adorama has the 7506 for $84 shipped, and Amazon has the V6 for $70. I'd prefer to get them used, but if the price difference isn't that much I'd rather just go get them new so I can get the warranty and everything. Thanks!