1. Dissonant

    Newbie Requiring Recommendations

    I swear, there was a consolidated recommendation thread somewhere when I was still lurking. In any case, I cannot find it.    Anyway, I need some recommendations to be thrown around for headphones around US$100. I can exceed it by a reasonable amount. Looked at the other thread with...
  2. williaty

    Are Refurbished Headphones a Good Idea?

    OK, so basically I'm looking at some Sennheisers. New, I can't afford the. Refurbished, I can. Is there any reason no to get a refurbished set of cans?
  3. aututto

    I'm a noob and I give up I need help....

    Hello all! Cool forum! I'm a watch hobbyist and I love to see people are just as in depth with other things, especially headphones!! I'm OCD about sound....alot, and alot of other things too. And I'm always listening to music. I figured its time to drain the wallet a little and make my music...
  4. astro

    Who does the Etymotic sound better than Etymotic?

    I'm wondering if anyone does etymotic's super clear, detailed, sound better than etymotic. The instrument separation is uncanny, and it really gives me this sense that these instruments are spatially arranged around me and just creating this amazing sound experience. I have sounds whizzing...
  5. sinphase

    headphone longevity?

    just some questions about the life span of your headphones.    1. what headphones do you have? 2. how long have you had them? 3. what do you use them for? (ie. just at home, travel etc) 
  6. Bradrj1029

    XB700 vs. XB500 vs. MDR-V6 || Which should I purchase?

    I want whichever have the best bass, But also the best for listening to rock n roll, prog rock/metal, dubstep and some hip-hop/rap   Which of the 3 meets these requirements? I've been listening to alot of dubstep and bass heavy music lately, but I also like to listen to alot of rock and prog...
  7. acersales

    BE AMAZED UNDER $170 (140€)

    HEY! I currently have SONY MDR-V6 and got tired of them. I am looking for better sound quality. My budget is $170 or (140 euro).    - Sound signal will be from iPod and MacBook. - Would not like to use an amplifier. - Do not care about make, size or shape. Just want to reach optimal...
  8. Foie

    Deal: Refurbished Sony MDR-v6 $45 shipped, can I do better?

    Hey guys, purpose of this thread is to: 1) Let you in on a deal, and 2) ask your opinions on a matter.   1) I noticed Sony has some of these back in stock refurbished for $39.99 with $5 shipping.  This is quite similar to the ecost deal a while ago.  ...
  9. digdashdug

    Could really use some help narrowing down the choices for my headphone needs

    Hey all,   I've utilized avsforums over the years for both consumer level and pro audio equipment purchases.  Once I started looking into headphones on there, I was pointed in the direction of this site.  If anyone can help me with the search for the best cans to fit my needs, it would be...
  10. sinphase

    what's similar to the ATH M50's, as in alternatives.

    i'm looking into buying the ATH M50's, but i want to know of some alternatives before. the cheapest i've seen them for is $159. what are some alternatives that can match the price of them and their sound quality.    also to those who own them, how durable are they and what's the warranty...
  11. bvan37

    AKG K121

    Didn't see much on these when I searched but L&M has them on for half price right now and I was wondering if it's worth it, anyone heard these cans?  Any impressions would be good as I don't have a great set of full-sized cans.  Don't have an amp as of right now so would I also need to purchase...
  12. melmoth123

    IEM headset equivalent of ATH-M50

    I have the ATH-m50 as my set for home use and am looking for something with similar sound for walking around.  Not looking for best sound for money, just whatever gets me close to ATH-m50, since I like them a lot.  I am only looking for something with a mic, for use with my iphone (but they...
  13. MatDak

    Great Headphones For $100 Or Less?

    Hi everyone,   Right now I have Dr Dre Solo Beats but they broke in the headband. After doing some research I found that I can get better headphones for a lot less then what the Beats cost.   I've read that Sennheiser makes good headphones, but I have no idea if another brand I haven't...
  14. BotByte

    I'm looking for a good companion to my Grados and my Mdr-V6's

    Like the Title says, I'm looking for a headphone to not match but to fight off my Grados and Sony cans   My Grado sr80i's are bright and have great highs and some mids   My Mdr-V6's are warm and showcase the lows and show some mids   But i want some cans that show the mids upfront...
  15. ImSikhWithIt

    First Headphones

     I was looking into buying new headphones. I used to have some crappy Sonys that I got for like 10 bucks but now I feel like upgrading. It'd be great to get some suggestions for first headphones. I mostly listen to music with heavy bass such as Rap and Dubstep, but I don't want everything else...
  16. mooshimuushi

    Great headphones for under $100?

    Headphones Under $100   I've been looking around for quite some time for a good pair of headphones that is somewhat portable.   I ended up thinking on buying a Sennheiser PX 200-II, but then I started to think otherwise. I was starting to lean over on Superlux HD681 or the Samson SR850...
  17. studiophoneboy

    Interview for studio headphone website

    Hi guys,   I just started a website for studio headphones.   Was wondering if anyone here would like to do an interview about your experiences with any of the following:   shure srh840 akg k240 sony mdr-v6 sennheiser hd280 audio technica mth-50   Regards, James
  18. yuanshao

    Got a hold on HD650's recently... smell weird.

    I recently bought myself a pair of Senn HD650's on eBay used, and from what I can tell, the previous owner  hardly ever used it (the headband is completely in tact, there are no visible scuffs or discolorations) but there is a very weird smell to it.   I understand it could be attributed to...
  19. chairock

    How to repair cut MDR- V6 cable

    I have constantly become very frustrated because my MDR- V6 cable is very long and gets in the way. So I cut the cord thinking that it would be easy to shorten the cable and still obtain sound. So when the cord was cut i had three different colors of strand, a bronze, green, and red. For some...
  20. kdern

    Recable Sony MDR-V6 or get something else?

    I have a new pair of Sony MDR-V6s... still returnable.  I am happy with everything about them except the long coiled cable.   I am currently considering getting them recabled, which will cost about $40 - so these will end up costing me around $100.   I can't find anything that's a better...
  21. tyde165

    Headphones for cold environments?

    So ive been very inactive on the boards due to a "new" job. I switched positions at work. I am now working in a giant freezer. Constant temp of -20 for 6 hrs a day or so. My current headphones literally froze. Im guessing from being in the cold then out in the texas heat then back into the cold...
  22. Raymond Kim

    Pioneer HDJ-1000 Review

    Just got my Pioneer HDJ-1000 in a couple of days ago, so please allow me to write down some of my impressions... My previous pair of headphones was the Sony MDR-V6 (a.k.a. Sony 7506... do NOT mistaken it for the MDR-V600, as the V600 is CRAP!), a tough headphone to beat, for sure, but I lost...
  23. kdern

    Newbie - can't decide. Please help?

    I recently purchased a pair of Sony MDR-V6 and I love them except for the looong coiled cable.  I just received a pair of Shure SRH-440s - the cable is removable and a straight cable is available.  They sound just as good but they are a little big and heavy compared to the Sony's.  I need...