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Under $100 Headphones for Listening to All Kinds of Music

  1. sonelone
    I need advice for a pair of headphones to get for under $100. I've been considering the ATH-M30, MDR-V6, HA-RX700/900, Creative Aurvana Live, and HD280s. I listen to pretty much every genre of music. Anybody have recommendations? Headphones I haven't listed are fine too.
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    sonelone, just checking but it would have to be closed-back right?
  3. sonelone
    Yes I would prefer for it to be closed back.
  4. warrenpchi Administrator
    Okay, as someone that also listens to everything, I can understand the feeling of wanting a generalist headphone to avoid feeling limited.  I would go with either the CAL or the V6.  You'll have to make the final decision between those two based on one simple question, how much bass do you want?  If you want a little more boom and bloom in the lower frequencies (pop music, hip hop, movies, etc.), take the CAL.  If you want a more (very) neutral presentation, then take the V6.
    Also, I would heavily suggest that you NOT go with the HD 280 if you can avoid it.  IMO, it can be unnecessarily dry... to the point that your music will die of dehydration.  But hey, just my two cents.

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