Audio technica ATH M50s vs Sony mdr V6 vs Sony mdr zx600 or Sony mdr zx700?
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Oct 13, 2012
Well, my budget is very tight since I am only a teenager so i literally have to wait next year to be able to buy new headphones (christmas money). I mostly listen to rap/hiphop/r&b but i do have a diverse music library. I have very bass heavy headphones like the mdr xb800s, mdr xb500s and the mdr v55s but after getting the v55's i noticed that i love to use it more now than the other two because i found that it was much more clearer both in the mids and the highs so i was wondering if there were any headphones that i mentioned that has descent amount of bass and has good highs and mids. BTW i prefer closed back headphones since i would be using them a lot in the subway (but i dont mind it if it wasn't isolated too well as long as i hear the music) and also over the ear headphones because i noticed on ears hurt a lot over long periods of time. 

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