Need help picking new phones (kind of urgent)
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Dec 7, 2011

Well, it happened again.  My MDR-V6s have suffered a cable/jack break (bleeping Griffin Survivor case and it's tiny slot for jacks that managed to bend the jack even after I filed it down) and joined my SR-80s in the headphone graveyard.  I have decided that it might be best to upgrade to headphones meant for portable use and have detachable cables.  After much research, I have narrowed down my candidates to the HD25-1 ii and the V-Moda M80.  Most seem to favor the Senns for the type of music I listen to(i.e. Prog Rock and Metal with some classic rock and alt rock on the side).  However there are two things that make me consider the M80s:


2.Need for a portable amp


Simply put, is the soundstage for the Senns sufficient for something like, say, Dream Theater(yup, yet another DT fan on Head-Fi) or King Crimson or Queen?  And even more importantly, would I need an amp to properly power the Senns?  If so, then what would you suggest? My primary source is an iPod Touch 4G playing ALAC files through Audioforge Equalizer.  There is also the factor of the V-Modas using regular male-male cables while the Senns use proprietary cables which I have heard are very hard to find and are very expensive.



I would be very, very, VERY grateful for any input and advice....   I need help sooner rather than later.
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First off, have you checked out the JVC HA-S500 headphones?
My best "guess"
Both the V-moda 80 (28.5-Ohm) and Sennheiser HD25-1 II (70-Ohm) should be able to work plugged straight into the iPod.
You can always invest into a Fiio E6 portable amp. and a Fiio L (LOD to mini-jack) cable, total under $40.
Getting the Fiio E11 portable amplifier and Fiio L cable might offer a slight increase in audio quality.
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I would avoid the HD25-1 ii - on my ears the price was not justified. There highs were much too piercing/fatiguing (and I'm a Grado lover) and I felt the mids were thin. (could be a problem with sealing around the earpads as they're on-ear rather than circumaural) Out of the two I would go for the V-moda (even though I hate the looks :)
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I would also consider the Soundmagic HP100
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Hmm...  Never seen a talking Shambler before...  Oh, that reminds me that I listen to NIN as well.  How do either of these sound in comparison to my MDR-V6s?  (I AM leaning towards the M80s at this point simply b/c of the fact that it uses regular male-male cables, but I'm not %100 sure yet)  

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