1. Jim McC

    Best "open" headphones under $40 ?

    Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. I prefer on ear, as long as they are lightweight and comfy on the ears. Over the ear are fine too, but if the cups are not deep and large enough, and touch my ears, I hate that. Thanks.
  2. swaffleman

    JVC HA S650-carbon diaphragm?

    I just got these a couple of days ago. I'm very impressed by both the sound quality and the design/comfort. The case says that they use carbon fiber for both the speaker housing and the diaphragm. I was curious if this is a similar design to the so called carbon fiber nano-tubes I've been...
  3. d3njiR1

    Choosing some "nice" cans under $100.

    I would like to buy a nice (at least as nice as you can get <$100) set of cans. I don't really care whether in-ear or over-ear. I mainly listen to instrumental/classical music (ex. ThePianoGuys, Beethoven, Mahler). Right now I am using a pair of Apple earbuds (ick) and I am really getting tired...
  4. DKDigitally

    I'm sure you guys get this all the time...

    I'm in the market for a pair of new headphones over, on, or in doesn't make too much of a difference to as long as they sound incredible. The only catch is I'm shooting for an under $70 price range. Care to shoot me some options?
  5. Dangerous

    Sony ZX stereo series headphones vs. JVC HA-S500 over ear headphones?

    I've pretty much taken it down to the two headphones. I found the sony's just by searching their site and reading the reviews. And the JVC was suggested to me by a user on this site.   My main needs our: good sound quality, portability, and a price range from $50 - $150   BTW: there...
  6. Xtron2112

    Need help picking new phones (kind of urgent)

    Well, it happened again.  My MDR-V6s have suffered a cable/jack break (bleeping Griffin Survivor case and it's tiny slot for jacks that managed to bend the jack even after I filed it down) and joined my SR-80s in the headphone graveyard.  I have decided that it might be best to upgrade to...
  7. nibuoy

    Headphone/portable amp combo under 300

    Hey guys  I've posted this in the recommendations thread, but got nor responses. Anyways I'm looking for a headphone and amp combo for around $300   I need ,closed cans because I often work in quiet places such as the library. I therefore also need a portable amp, and preferably not...
  8. Tuvwum

    Something different to the q701's

    Hi. I purchased the q701's in conjuntion with the m-stage a couple of months ago to replace my m558/fiio e7 combo, loving them so far.   What I'm after now is a cheaper set of fullsized cans. Say around the $150 mark, closed back, somewhat portable, and have an overall different sound to...
  9. JSchwage

    Good portable and foldable headphones under $100

    Hey all,   I am currently bringing my Sennheiser HD 555's to work every day and it's definitely less than ideal as they're quite large. I'm looking for a sub-$100 set of cans which will be very portable. I'd prefer a set that folds. A good reference set of cans for what I'm looking for would...
  10. huckfinn

    Your Thoughts on a few Portable under-$70 Headphones

    Hello. I've been enjoying my Denon 2000 with rockboxed ipods and a Meier Audio Move amp. Love their sound but.....they're suited for listening from a favored armchair and not at all to take out and about.   I've come up with a list of under $70 portable ones and would like some advise...
  11. mastapro

    new headphones needed: stylish, good sound quality, around $110

    Hi guys, so i've been a member of this forum for a long time but i haven't had a headphone purchase in a while.... in the past i've had the m50 and a few sennheisers which all came from recommendations from this forum so i'm back to get some more advice.  I noticed that I go on trips 4-5 times a...
  12. 0pyders

    New to the magical world of audio; not sure which over the ear headphones to buy.

    So, I'm not sure what to start reading, or where exactly to ask, but I'm looking for some new headphones to replace my Sennheiser 280s. My budget is $100-150. I listen to electronic music mainly. I would really appreciate it if someone could link me to something that I could read up on or if...
  13. Hydrajk

    Razer headphones...

    Okay I'm going to buy a new pair of headphones and some guys from the forum suggested to go for the Audio Technica ad700 BUT I can't find them in my country ( I live in Bulgaria ) and If i order them from ebay or somewhere else, they're gonna cost alot so I'm not going for them. Now I have some...
  14. louiseharatt

    Over-the-Ear Headphones Recommendations: £50 Budget

    Hi everybody,     I'm new to all of this so please be kind! :)   I am looking to purchasing some headphones for myself. No longer will I put up with Apple Earphones, and my old pair of Sony's fell apart.   I'd like to spend no more than £50 really. Best value recommendations is...
  15. arctyler

    Help me find some bass heavy IEMs for under 150!

    I just got some ATH-M50's but they are too much of a pain to carry all around, and I need something more portable like IEMs, but I want them to have a punch like the ATH-M50s or better, and they have to be under 150, I'd prefer them to be the ones that don't go around the ear but it doesn't...
  16. sofastreamer

    portable onear that hits harder than m80 and s500? maybe vektr or dna?

    come on guys, there must be an onear design out there, that has microphone cable and is able to dig as hard as lets say an mh1c. what about the new monster line (not beats!) ? can any of them compete with m80 and s500 but give some more rumble?
  17. Syndicat3

    HA-S500: What earpads shoudl I get?

    HM5     or     HD25     Which will give me better sound quality and which is more comfortable? I prefer a more colored, warm sound than neutral, as I listen to a lot of electronic music.    I found the HD25 Adidas Blue pads...
  18. Saoshyant

    Highly portable headphones

    Hi all.  As this forum is slowly draining my expendable funds, I'm growing curious about highly portable headphones, and when I mean portable, I mean on the level of the KSC75 and PX200-II.  Disregarding IEMs and similar, what might be an upgrade beyond the two listed headphones?  Any...
  19. Boosh96

    Still need suggestions, I guess.

    I'm still looking for the right headphone model to get. Can someone give me some suggestions? I'm looking for entry-level audiophile headphones that cost less than $150 and are good for listening to classic rock. I don't really care if they're open or closed, but either way I'd like a model that...
  20. talelxpx

    Looking for 30$-40$ Portable(foldable or compact) Headphones

    Hello Im looking for portable (foldable or compact style) headphones with good soundstage,detail,bass,not harsh and comfort. i really liked the AKG k430 but theyre like 52$ inc shipping to my country(Israel) so looking for something simillar... Please give me advices, Thank you.
  21. SmOgER

    JVC Victor HA-SR75S Reviews/Opinions

    I must say these look really great for a portable headphones! But there seems to be very little about them when it comes to actual SQ. Have any of you had the chance to listen to them already?
  22. Bdashrice

    Good headphones with good bass

    Im looking for headphones ($100 or under) that have good sound quality but more bass oriented. I dont want only quantity in the bass but quality also. I have no specific headphones in mind so I'm open to all suggestions
  23. PhoenixRisen

    Stepping up from "budget" headphones to something nicer..

    I stumbled upon this forum a year or so ago and thus began my initiation into the headphone world. I have mostly purchased headphones in the "budget" king killer type posts that were on the cheaper side. I own the Samson 850's, the monoprice cheapies, Panasonic htf600's, Brainwavz HM3. My...
  24. uswhovian

    taking headphone suggestions

    Hey guys,   So I'm looking to invest in my first pair of cans. I have just used earbuds previously but fell in love with a friends headphones. However, there are a ton of headphones out there and I have no idea where to start.   I only have several requirements for my future set of...
  25. Rossatron

    looking for new Headphones, budget is $300

    hey everyone,   i'm looking for a new set of headphones). my current ones are in-ear sennheiser cx500, which I know are not headphones, but given the improvement in the portable headphones field, i thought i could get myself a good pair.    please note: the headphones should be "glasses...