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Looking for 30$-40$ Portable(foldable or compact) Headphones

  1. talelxpx
    Im looking for portable (foldable or compact style) headphones
    with good soundstage,detail,bass,not harsh and comfort.
    i really liked the AKG k430 but theyre like 52$ inc shipping to my country(Israel)
    so looking for something simillar...
    Please give me advices,
    Thank you.
  2. ScaryFatKidGT
    Koss PortaPro?
    I thin the sennheiser PX-200's would be to much money
  3. talelxpx
    Thank you friend,
    I didnt like the portapro too much
    so other offers are welcome.
  4. AzatHead-Fier
    JVC HA-S500
  5. talelxpx
    after a research found the JVC HA-S400
    for decent price+fast shipping
    and i found some good reviews about them in their "offical thread"
    so i think ill go for them.

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