1. Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    Koss Porta Pro Wireless

    The new Koss Porta Pro® Wireless takes the legendary sound and the iconic design of the classic Koss Porta Pro® headphones, wireless. The Koss Design and Engineering teams collaborated to create the perfect wireless configuration using Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X to ensure the Porta Pro® Wireless...
  2. Jim McC

    Best "open" headphones under $40 ?

    Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. I prefer on ear, as long as they are lightweight and comfy on the ears. Over the ear are fine too, but if the cups are not deep and large enough, and touch my ears, I hate that. Thanks.
  3. Gekopa

    Koss Portapro Warranty Question

    So the cable on my Portapros gave out after a few months, so I looked into Koss' lifetime warranty, and it states that I must send them a check for $9 along with the defective product. Can I just send them the $9 in cash? I don't really have a bank account, so I can't write a check.  
  4. maiden71

    Portapro pouch

    I just got some Koss Portapro's and am wondering how the heck you are supposed to fit these in the leather pouch they come with? The thing is way to little for these headphones to really fit in without bending and probably breaking them.
  5. Krooser

    Closed mid-range portable headphones that sound like Koss PortaPro?

    Hi everyone,   I love my the sound of my Koss PortaPros, but I find them flimsy and they block no sound at all, so therefore Im looking for a step-up pair of headphones that would sound similar but have a closed (sound-blocking) design. Portability is still really important to me, Ive been...
  6. meyner

    best headphones for running with?

    Hi i was wondering if there is a IEM or headphone out that there is very secure in your ear to the point where i wouldn't have trouble running wit them. My budget is less than 100 dollars and as long as the music quality is pretty good and its secure i think ill be some what happy with it.
  7. huckfinn

    Your Thoughts on a few Portable under-$70 Headphones

    Hello. I've been enjoying my Denon 2000 with rockboxed ipods and a Meier Audio Move amp. Love their sound but.....they're suited for listening from a favored armchair and not at all to take out and about.   I've come up with a list of under $70 portable ones and would like some advise...
  8. RedMoonLoop

    Need help deciding if the Grado sound is right for me as a starting set of cans

    After doing various searches around here I have been leaning heavily towards purchasing the Grado Sr325i's. They seem to fit my taste in rock music. I mostly listen to prog rock and 70's rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Porcupine Tree. Stuff like that really. However I also like...
  9. sigmac123

    good phones for under $40

    hey looking for some good phones for under 40$   i Want clear sound and I dont care much 4 bass   dont care if there closed or open
  10. talelxpx

    Looking for 30$-40$ Portable(foldable or compact) Headphones

    Hello Im looking for portable (foldable or compact style) headphones with good soundstage,detail,bass,not harsh and comfort. i really liked the AKG k430 but theyre like 52$ inc shipping to my country(Israel) so looking for something simillar... Please give me advices, Thank you.
  11. AbbaTab

    Best Bass Heavy Over Ear Headphones Around $100

    I am pretty much a noob when it comes to headphones and I need some advice from some of you experienced audiophiles!  As the title says I am looking for headphones around 100 USD that have good bass for mainly electronic music (house, DnB, etc.)  I am currently thinking about the V-MODA...
  12. amigomatt

    Disappointed with my Sennheiser HD598s. Thoughts about this..

    Hi guys,   It's not without disappointment that I'm writing this post.  I've given these HD598s a good few months now and I'm on the verge of selling them and wondering if anyone here has ideas about which alternative cans might be the next right choice for me.   I'd like to state that...
  13. discombobulation

    PortaPro + Sony DR-S4 - modding advice!

    So I found an old DR-S4 headphone with the leather headband and pads surprisingly supple after years of sitting in an attic, and thought that it would be a good opportunity to rehouse my PortaPro drivers.       As you can see, the drivers are pretty small in the enclosure, but I am...
  14. jarbro

    My first re-cable, headphone hack - Porta Pro's

    I love my Porta Pros as any good head-fi'er does, I just wish it had a microphone.  The earpads just so happened to disintegrate so I figured it was a good a time as any to hack away.  Granted I could have gone out and just bought the KTC model, but where's the fun in that?  Unfortunately I...
  15. aetherh4cker

    Alternatives to IEM's?

    Hey everybody!   I was wondering what are some good super portable alternatives to IEM's.  I love how convenient an IEM is... can just throw it in my pocket and go... but I find most of them pretty uncomfortable.   What else could I use?  Some folding head phones?  Something else that is...
  16. DeadMan

    Original Xiaomi 1 More Design In-ear Headphones

    I've just taken a punt from iBuyGou on these. Anyone got a pair yet? I can't find any reviews.   http://www.xiaomiworld.com/original-xiaomi-1-more-design-in-ear-headphones.html    
  17. art191

    Koss Portapro rattle

    The left speaker on my portapro's has developed a rattle/distortion on the lower frequencies, I use them with my mini-ipod. Sounds ok with other phones. Is it likely the driver is terminally ill, or could it be fixable? Maybe somebody out there has had the same problem?
  18. kurt_fire

    What koss models use the same "speakers" as the PortaPros?

    What Koss models use the same speaker drivers, or whatever it's called, as the PortaPros? Also, will all these models have identical sound considering they are the same speaker driver?
  19. Blade

    Looking for foldable headphones priced under $50

    Its been almost three years since my last headphones purchase. I decided this time that I want something a little more portable than what I usually like. I currently have a stock JVC HA-RX700 cans which I use almost daily. Well call me a fanboy but, I have grown very fond to the JVC sound...
  20. Mike_TNT

    Broken "y" joint on Grado sr-325 cable. What are my options?

    Hi all!    Grado's Canadian retailer wants 85$ cdn + shipping for the repair. Are there better alternatives out there for that price range?   I have a soldering iron coming in to reterminate 2 pairs of Yuin pk3, a Blox and a pair of Portapros; will that give me enough experience to...
  21. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Headphone Elimination Game!

    Rules Just like any other HEAL/HURT game, except with headphone models. Let's see what's Head-Fi's fav. Add one point to the model you like saying HEAL, and remove one from the one you don't like saying HURT. All models start with 10 life. Just copy the last post and add your votes in it; would...
  22. KSC35Matt

    Seeking advice for the £40 ($60) range please

    Hi   My SR60's broke - the driver gave up, and it wasn't the hair problem.  A repair company has told me they can fit new SR60i drivers in them for £40 ($60 USD).   My question - should I get the repair with the new SR60i drivers, or is there a headphone on the market that you think is...
  23. fallingyuki

    Is "future proof" in Head-Fi's dictionary?

    After looking at some headphones (sub £150) I noticed something which is probably wrong but I thought I'd ask. On this forum and a few others, people seem to perpetually recommend the same headphones for years, I don't know why but speculate it is either because manufacturers aren't making newer...
  24. ymenard

    Portapro in Montreal

    Hello there, I'm having large trouble trying to find Koss Portapro headphone in Montreal. Futureshop have decided to stop having them in their shelves. I've been everywhere, impossible to find. FutureShop, HMV, Archambault, various electronic stores on Ste-Catherine, RadioShack, even...
  25. Vedder323

    Koss Porta Pro 2

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before but we just got these in at work... Anyone try a pair???