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Best "open" headphones under $40 ?

  1. Jim McC
    Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. I prefer on ear, as long as they are lightweight and comfy on the ears. Over the ear are fine too, but if the cups are not deep and large enough, and touch my ears, I hate that. Thanks.
  2. 5370H55V
    Koss portapros?
  3. Jim McC
    I didn't like the fit of the Porta Pros, and returned them for the KSC75. Now I need to buy a second can(something different) for movies at night, when everyone is asleep. My wife will also be using it occasionally. Is a full size can better for the wife's long hair?
  4. Eugguy
    try the akg420! they are a great pair of open sounding portables!
  5. Jim McC
    Thanks, but they're $69.
  6. Eugguy
    That's right. However, I picked them up on a sale listed here a few weeks ago new for $23.00. [​IMG]
  7. Jim McC
    Thanks. The sale was listed where?
  8. Eugguy
    The sale was listed under the iem/portable deals thread. Everyone who saw jumped on it and it was all sold within a few hours. [​IMG]
  9. Jim McC
    I'm changing my criteria to full size, circumaural, with A LOT of ear space and depth. My first choice is open, second choice is semi-open. Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into our receiver's headphone jack. What is the difference between semi open and semi closed? It's not in the glossary. On my list are:
    1) Superlux HD681
    2) Superlux HD668
    Which other cans under $40 would you recommend? Thanks.
  10. Eugguy
    JVC S500.
  11. Seekky
    YES, K420!
  12. Huggelz
    How about the Sennheiser px100's?
  13. Jim McC
    Eugguy and Huggelz, in post #9 I changed my mind to full size circumaural.
  14. Seekky
    i think u better ask in full-sized cans forum
  15. Mani ATH 87
    Why would you want open headphones for watching movies while others are sleeping? Open headphones provide no isolation at all, wouldn't closed headphones be a better choice? [​IMG]

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