Full Size that sound like KSC75

    Hey guys, I've been playing around with headphones since jan 2010. I've owned quite a few in this time. However nothing has been as enjoyable as the $20 Koss KSC75. So far I have owned: DT770 - 250ohm HD650 SR60i DT880 - 600ohm Porta Pro RS1i Now don't get me wrong each of those listed...
  2. Knockout

    The best V shaped headphones under 100 $

    Hi,   I am looking for a good Vshaped headphones for a friend of mine. The following are my requirements.   Should be compatible with all smart phones (Nexus 4) Great highs and lows Decent Mids   I had seen a few reviews for Grado SR60i and IGrado and they sound convincing. But...
  3. dyce

    Where to buy fake PortaPro to use the headband on KSC75?

    I can't seem to find anything at dealextreme and focalprice. Perhaps Koss killed all the fakers? I just want the headband and don't want to keep switching my portapros. I can't justify buying another PortaPro just for the headband. 
  4. rchrhds29

    What Types / Models Of Headphones Are Best For Different Kinds Of Music? Please Help????

    Hey, been a member for about a month after finding this site on a google search because I've been looking to get new headphones, currently still using the crappers that came with my phone.   I've looked around and read pretty much all the "required stuff", but one thing is puzzling me. In...
  5. pro1137

    Suggestions for open/semi-open headphones under $50?

    Hey Head-Fi! I'd like some suggestions for a pair of open-backed or semi-open headphones under $50.  I know about the Panasonic HTF600 and the Superlux 668b, but are there any others that you would possibly recommend more?   I have an amp, so it's not a factor whether they should be used...
  6. LosNir

    Looking for a semi-open, fun, mids forward headphone, like the the HD598

    Hi, Any recommendations for a semi-open equivalent of the Sennheiser HD598? I really like the natural, not-bassy, wide soundstage, forward presentation (mids) and"fun" signature of the HD598. The reason I can't use the HD598 is because I'm going portable with it. Now, I'm fine with semi-open...
  7. 0324

    Best Value in Headphones?

    Hey guys, I'm curious as to which segment of the market do you think provides the best value. I'm looking at Sennheiser HD 598s, and they're $250. How much better are the Sennheiser HD 600s? Is there a brand that makes better headphones in the $250 range? I'm not committed to the $250 range, I...
  8. Bboy500

    Headphones for radio?

    Since I enjoy listening to radio when I'm on the go, and am not really fond of carrying around a bunch of equipment with me, what are some good headphones that I can buy for this use specifically.   They obviously have to be easy to drive and be very forgiving while still sounding good.  ...
  9. squirrelboy1210

    crave for muddy sound! help!!!

    okay two years back i got the beats tours, then i read a couple of reviews by audio professionals and did some research and found out they really suck... for the price, anyway (plus, i had to get them fixed 6 times.. 6 TIMES!!!!!). so then i got myself an ATH-M50 and a UE500 and was quite...
  10. Myrdraal

    ~$50US Headphones for metal

    I have been shopping around for the past 2 weeks for a good set of budget headphones for the office. As such it would have to be closed back; I can't stand in-ear. Leaking is an issue, sound isolation is not; it is a quiet office and hearing people talking to me would be more a boon than a...
  11. madmonkey

    What headphones under 100 bucks usa for rock and metal

    IM not a fan of bass. i like the clash of cymballs and the high notes(yeah i know im odd) i have a sansa clip zip and portopros now and they just dont get the highs i like. I dont care at all how they look i just want them to sound great with my clip zip
  12. GoodRevrnd

    Buds or Portables < $60 to maintain surrounding awareness?

    Really I'm looking for any portable headphone that will still allow me to still hear what's going on around me--particularly voices--without bleeding sound out to everyone else, while listening and low to moderate volume.  Around $30 would be preferable, but I'll go up to $60.  I'd probably just...
  13. Selv

    Replacement for Porta-Pros

    So I had the blue, classic variant of Koss Porta-Pros for around 5--6 years before having cord problems that could no longer be fixed. Then just recently my friend and I have gone through a total of 5 Porta-Pros, with ALL of them apparently having problems between the 3.5 mm plug and the cord...
  14. jones2289

    Help me spend my Musician's Friend gift card!

    Long time lurker, first time poster here.  I'm relatively new to the world of quality headphones, and right now own a pair of Grado SR60is, which I added a Beyerdynamics headband and reverse quarter modded Sennheiser pads.  I really like them, and recently received a $50 gift card to Musician's...
  15. Jash

    New headphones for Colorway C3.

    Hello. I would like to buy Colorway C3. For this moment i have 2 headphones: Koss Porta Pro Sennheiser HD555 I need headphones for hardcore, melodic death metal etc. I don't know that the Porta and HD555 are ok with sound of C3. If they didn't what kind of headphones would you recommend? I...
  16. sulachhan

    Klipsch Image S4 vs Koss portapro....which sounds better??

    I already own koss portapro and i am going to have klipsch image s4 so i want to know which sound is more clear and which has more details??
  17. madmonkey

    Sansa clip zip headphones

    I have koss portapros on order did i make a mistake i listen mostly to rock and metal music.
  18. Mdraluck23

    Headphones for women.

    Christmas is coming soon and a female friend is looking for a pair of headphones. What are your suggestions? She can't stand "suctioney" IEM's or "HUGE" over the ear models. I was looking at something kind of like the HD238 or possibly a true earbud with no suction, just haven't kept up on...
  19. Kaimyu

    Comment on my equalizer for KOSS Porta Pros :)

    I've been experimenting with my EQ for my Porta Pro for ages, and and come up with something that sounds fairly natural to my ears, but I have nothing to compare with. So can you do me the favour, and have a listen and tell me what you think?                    You...
  20. AlvinS

    Earbud for iPhone 5?

    I am seeking for suggestions for an open-air earbud for iPhone 5.I have an HD380 and HD595 but they are too bulky to use. The white apple earbud is not comfortable enough - always slipping out of my ear...
  21. bexiesbruv

    Matching Headphones to AR TT, (older) Sony STR 7065a Rec/Amp and Kenwood DP 1510 CDP

    Hello there This is my first post after looking through the forums and after checking out some information and reading a few posts and articles, I think I am ready to buy some better quality headphones. On the recommendation of Gary from Electric Avenues, I just bought the Koss Porta Pros to...
  22. Headd

    Need a cheap bassy earbud for work

    Looking for a somewhat bass heavy earbud for work. Under 20 bucks What are my options?
  23. TheBaconMan

    Need bassy headphones

    I have always used earphones, but want to give headphones a try. I currently have Atrio MG5's with MG7 drivers. They have served me for only 4 months and they just don't cut it. Good deep bass and mids but the highs are too high. I still fringe at every cymbal hit. The overall sound quality...
  24. scarf

    Upgrade my Koss PortaPros

    Hi Headfi. Love this forum, even though I'm brand new here! Anyways, as I said in the title I would love to upgrade from my PortaPros. I think they're a great pair of headphones, but I know there's better out there if I'm willing to shell out the dough. What I really like about my PortaPros...
  25. CherryBoom

    I need help finding headphones for two different ends of the spectrum

    Hello there I've been lurking the forums and haven't found the answer I need so made an account to make a thread. I'm a student on a budget of under $100/£60-70 max. Low but I'm not even in uni yet. I need headphones that provide the bass for songs such as cherry cherry boom boom -one and...