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Sansa clip zip headphones

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  1. madmonkey
    I have koss portapros on order did i make a mistake i listen mostly to rock and metal music.
  2. proton007

    Whats the worry?
  3. madmonkey
    http://www.amazon.com/Crossfade-Over-Ear-Noise-Isolating-Headphone-Gunmetal/dp/B003BYRGKY/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1353978957&sr=1-7&keywords=headphones i have the worst luck on these things first i order these after reading lots of reviews .luckly i read a few more who said these aint to good for rock
    i been reading reviews all day glad i found this site
  4. proton007
    So how much do you want to spend? There are better headphones out there for <100, but for the price the koss is also good.
    For rock you can also get Grado SR60.
  5. madmonkey
    i would love to stay under 50 bucks. Looks dont matter to me at all .i just want decent sound for like 50 and below.but i understand ill be at the low end of the spectrum most my music is ripped at 128 wma. so i think amazeing headphones will be overkill
  6. proton007
    Then I think the Koss is alright. Thats if you want something new. If you have access to a second hand market (maybe you can look around here on head-fi), you can get something better for under 50.
    But serioulsy, consider using atleast 256kbps MP3 or AAC for your music. 128 is noticeably low quality.
  7. madmonkey
    Yeah the days i was ripping my cds i was ina hurry and didnt think of long term .if i went up to 80 bucks.is there something else you can recommend . i see the sonys v6 and creative aurora are in that price range
  8. proton007
    Sennheiser PX100-II ($50)
    Grado SR60i ($79)
    Creative Aurvana Live ($60) also a good choice.
  9. madmonkey
    Well i just ordered the koss porto pros i mean 30 bucks cant go wrong....I doubt my dap is good enough for a better set anyways. I kinda recall having a pair that radio shack made years ago and they sounded decent. . Some day ill get a better dap and better headphones. Used to have sony minidisc and some mdr v6 it was a decent combo i miss minidisc. Ps this forum rocks
  10. madmonkey
    Oops i typed my reply before i saw ya reply. ty for your help ill write these down and get them next
  11. proton007

    As I said, for $30 they're a good choice.
  12. madmonkey
    LOl i canceled em anyways soon as i added em to cart they dropped to 28 bucks. my timing sucks tonight. right now im thinking a the creative aurura will they be decent for rock and metal?
  13. proton007

    The Creative has a bass driven sound. Not sure if it works well for rock/metal, but really good for rap/hip hop/dub etc.
    From what I read on head-fi, it seems the grado 60i/80i is recommended for rock/metal, but not good for music with high bass.
  14. madmonkey
    Well they droped the koss to 28 bucks so i bought them .LOL now there at 40 bucks . amazon sure does some odd stuff,.i also bought a cheap amp for 9 bucks im sure it will be awefull but ill only be out a little bit
  15. soundstige
    The PortaPros are great at their price range for rock.
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