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Sansa clip zip headphones

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  1. dragonhf
    I got the MEElectronics M6P Sports in hand. Superfast shipment to Sweden.
    I have very small earcanals and it fits me perfect with the triple flange. I had no problem to fix the memory cable.
    There is no way those will fell out from my ears, it´s super secure in my ears.
    I don´t have golden ears like many others here in this forum. I think this headset is fantastic good for the price.
    It sounds good with Sansa Clip Zip. The bass is good, but for those who had Nuforce NE7M, the M6P
    is still missing a bit of bass.

    Thanks for the suggestion TheJazzyH. Maybe I will upgrade to those headphones you mentioned for more bass.
  2. TheJazzyH
    Glad I was able to help! MEElectronics is one of my favorite audio companies. They give you a lot of bang for you buck, and their customer service is outstanding!
  3. dragonhf
    Yes, I bought mine from their Ebay store as bulk. It´s amazing what you can get for such small amount of money and it comes with so many accessory. It´s really great for value for the money. It cost less than a coctail here in Sweden [​IMG]
    The fit is great, it only toke me some second to adjust the memory wire, don´t understand why people complain so much about it.
    How hard can it be to bend some wire? hehehe
    I got it very fast and I live in Sweden, I was amazed, almost like using express shipping. Thanks for recommendation.

    By the way TheJazzyH. How long burn in time does it need? I use pink noise and sinolog2 to burn in for the moment, i just started now.
  4. TheJazzyH
    I never cared much for burn in myself, but generally 100 hours will be enough for most headphones. 
    You may also want to read this if you haven't already: http://www.head-fi.org/t/56744/headphone-burn-in-faq
  5. dragonhf
    Thanks again TheJazzH for the info.
    I change from Triple flange to bi flange, now when I got proper seal there is some punchy bass..
    I take back that I miss some bass from these IEM [​IMG]
    Now I really understand when people says that these are the best IEM in the price range. It´s really amazing
    value for the money.
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