1. sennheiserhd485

    Any worthy competitors to Grado SR80x in that price range?

    Any worthy competitors to Grado SR80x in that price range? I have the SR60i now and also would like to know if the SR80x is worth upgrading to, or if they'll sound quite similar in terms of raw SQ. The source would be a laptop headphone jack - not sure if a DAC/amp is worth it for something this...
  2. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  3. illest

    The Unknown Sonys

    So i picked up a pair of Sony MDR- P1(Yes P1) is what they are at the thrift shop today for 2.50. Man these things have amazing highs.! the bass and mids are recessed and mids can be muddled but wow the crisp highs of these things make them a fun can to listen to. They were so amazing I had to...
  4. Kodhifi

    My review of the Sony MDR-V6

    A bit about my collection Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm AKG Q701 Sony MDR-V600 Sennheiser HD201 Sennheiser HD205 Sennheiser HD419 Grado SR60i The V6 used to be a standard in the recording and video/music production worlds and Sony decided to cash in on this by discontinuing the V6 and...
  5. NotACat

    Searching for headphones $100-$150 (NOT for bass heavy music)

    Hello,      Somewhat new here. Please bare with me. I am looking for headphones in the 100-150 price range. I will be listening on my ipod. No amps or anything like that. Most of the post I have seen so far are recommending only bass HEAVY headphones. I don't know if there is much difference...
  6. Walabamba

    Cheap Headphone Recommendation

    So I was searching for cheap hifi headphones, and I need help.   My desired price would be under 70 euros. I can purchase from Sennheiser, AKG, Sony, Marshall, Phillips, Pioneer or JVC. If possible, I can also purchase the Beyer Dynamic DT 235.   Please help me, I am having a hard time...
  7. Boosh96

    Still need suggestions, I guess.

    I'm still looking for the right headphone model to get. Can someone give me some suggestions? I'm looking for entry-level audiophile headphones that cost less than $150 and are good for listening to classic rock. I don't really care if they're open or closed, but either way I'd like a model that...
  8. saskekun95

    Best Headphones for my taste of music?

    Hello everyone on Head-Fi! I'm new to this forums and I really enjoy music. (sounds atrocious, doesn't it)   I own  AKG 518 LE headphones but i am not satisfied at all... (my wire broke 3 times..., fortunately my father could fix this)   Now i want to buy new ones but my price range is...
  9. 2satta2

    Looking for a neutral sounding closed-back circumaural - anything like Grado in sound quality?

    Hey folks   I'm trying to decide on a new set of 'phones for portable use (I have a Colorfly 3 mp3 player)   My music taste is eclectic, covering most basses, but I am particularly fond of country and bluegrass music, so any headphone will have to excel at reproducing stripped back...
  10. AbbaTab

    Best Bass Heavy Over Ear Headphones Around $100

    I am pretty much a noob when it comes to headphones and I need some advice from some of you experienced audiophiles!  As the title says I am looking for headphones around 100 USD that have good bass for mainly electronic music (house, DnB, etc.)  I am currently thinking about the V-MODA...
  11. idruke

    NEED ADVICE: Looking for low impedance, sub $100, over ear headphone that can run properly amp-less.

    Models like the k240 (55ohms), mdr-v6 (60ohms), senn 595 look to be too high impedance to run off my laptop. Could I get some recommendations that fit my criteria?   Thanks
  12. Tom3121

    Help, £100 ($150) Headphones

    Hi, I'm looking into a new pair of headphones to primarily listen to indie rock and alternative although I listen to all other genres, but rarely. Isolation isn't a problem and neither is sound leakage, I'm looking for over or on ear and a good build quality. Obviously comfort is important but I...
  13. Sjoerd

    What is the point of open headphones?

    What is the point of open headphones if there is going to be sound leakage so others will hear it? Why not use speakers then?   I was looking into the grado SR 60i's but I don't think I like the sound leakage... Maybe its a bit exaggerated and the sound leakage isn't that much, but I don't...
  14. Blktiger0

    Looking to upgrade, need advice

    I've been itching to upgrade to some nicer headphones lately, and after some research today, I decided it would be best to make an account on this site and ask for some advice. First off, some background info: In terms of headphones, I used whatever was the cheapest for years, until I decided...
  15. TheDarkKnight

    Need advice on making a purchase.

    Hello all, I've been in the market for new headphones for a week or two now.   I'm a singer, and will be recording stuff here soon, and I'd like to know what's considered a decent pair for recording? The only full-sized headphones I ever owned were the old Bose Tri-Ports, which I think are...
  16. Fabama

    High Frequency Noise at Certain Volume Levels

    I have owned my pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80's for about a year now, however I have been using them un-amped up until yesterday. I recently received my first amp and DAC combo (I bought a Schiit Magni and a Topping D20), and I have noticed a bit of a strange issue. At particular volume...
  17. acmebricks

    A reasonably priced alt headphones

    Could anyone please give some good alternatives to beats solo hd? I like the look but I don't like the sound quality.  Please try go keep it under 60 dollars as I am not rich. I don't like my skullcandy earbuds after I got one gel piece stuck in my ear (stupid of me to do that )  Thanks
  18. Boosh96

    Bose QC15 comparisons?

    Alright, so the current pair of cans I own are Bose's QC15 cans, for those of you who don't already know, and basically I'm in pursuit of something bigger and better that also costs less. I'm considering Grado's SR60i or maybe Sennheiser's HD518 or 558. I'm going to try and test any pair of...
  19. KSC35Matt

    Seeking advice for the £40 ($60) range please

    Hi   My SR60's broke - the driver gave up, and it wasn't the hair problem.  A repair company has told me they can fit new SR60i drivers in them for £40 ($60 USD).   My question - should I get the repair with the new SR60i drivers, or is there a headphone on the market that you think is...
  20. saturinox

    Headphones for mainly METAL

    Hi, i am looking for some great headphones to use when i walk around outside, visiting parents or wahtever. :)   I listen mainly to metal, (Deathcore, Melodic) but also hip hop. but the main-thing is they need to be good for metal-listening.   my budget is around  130-150$   They...
  21. Trunks159

    Open Cans and EQ? How well do they respond to eq?

    I wanna try and get the sr325i or sr225i, or something else and id like to be able to easily eq them, especially the bass.   Thanks!!!!!
  22. ethan3686

    Grado sr60i and loving it.

      I had a pair of Sony XB700 and i wanted a an open ear headphone. After a lot of research it came down to 3 choices -   Grado Sr60i AD700 Senn HD239   I had had a lot of bass thanks to XB700 (and they are great btw) and it wasnt a priority. So i thought over and i wanted a clean output...
  23. beamthegreat

    Can a stereo amplifier be used as a headphone amplifier?

    If its possible, then are there any consequences or is it totally fine to use an stereo (speaker) amplifier to drive a headphone.
  24. Dobrescu George

    Best headphones that you would recommend based on my tastes

    i have been testing headphones for the entire day...    so...   let's do this in order of what i do remember.... akg... k550 - amazing sound quality and soundstage. sennheiser - hd650 - sounded like it was no improvement over my dj one pro from ultrasone sennheiser hd800 - liked it at...
  25. Dobrescu George

    Recommend me a pair of headphones to give attention to when i go to listen for shopping

    I will go in 2 days to listen to headphones to buy a pair... i have a list, and from this list, which contains everything that is in the stores around me, i am kindly asking you, good people, to tell me what headphones to give the most attention to.   Grado sr60i Grado sr80i Ultrasone...