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The Unknown Sonys

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by illest, Jan 5, 2013.
  1. illest
    So i picked up a pair of Sony MDR- P1(Yes P1) is what they are at the thrift shop today for 2.50. Man these things have amazing highs.! the bass and mids are recessed and mids can be muddled but wow the crisp highs of these things make them a fun can to listen to. They were so amazing I had to fetch my grado sr60i's just to compare. All around grados stomp them but my goodness the sound of the sax on archie schepp & mal Waldron Left Alone Revisted album was really fun. Gotta love hearing something that blew your expectations out of the water. Thinking about making these into a project and making them my school on the go headphones. Someone on the interwebs has to have seen these somewhere at some point? 

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