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What is the point of open headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sjoerd, Apr 7, 2013.
  1. Sjoerd
    What is the point of open headphones if there is going to be sound leakage so others will hear it? Why not use speakers then?
    I was looking into the grado SR 60i's but I don't think I like the sound leakage... Maybe its a bit exaggerated and the sound leakage isn't that much, but I don't see the point of wearing headphones when everyone around can hear your music.
  2. Rem0o
    Well, if you want to listen to music at normal listening level with speakers, your whole house will hear it clearly. If you listen to music with open headphone to normal listening level, only people in the same room will hear it, so yeah.
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    For you IEM/CIEM. No leakage at all.
  4. Dillont3
    With a lot of open headphones everyone in the same room will hear your music. If you are in a separate room or floor however they will not so you can listen to your headphones at louder levels without bothering them, which you wouldn't be able to do with speakers at normal/louder volumes. When you have neighbors/girlfriend who don't appreciate your music coming from your speakers all the time open headphones work well, unless In am in the same room as my girlfriend which is when I use closed headphones. I enjoy the comfort and sound of my open headphones more so I use them as much as I can when speakers are not an option.
  5. Owenpri
    Open headphones are more portable than huge speakers, and you can go on nice walks in the woods with them [​IMG].
  6. kramer5150
    A 2CH stereo speaker setup only images well if your ears are equal-distance from each channel.  Depending on your proximity to the speakers, and personal hearing perception, the stereo image can be ruined with even as little as an inch or two off-center positioning.  So open headphones alleviate this condition.
    In terms of sound leakage exposure others, a pair of moderate volume open cans will still be infinitely quieter than speakers.
  7. Chulta
    I would say that preventing others from hearing the music is rarely the primary purpose of headphone and since the open design seeme to be the one giving better sound, (based on the frequency on open design for the top of the line headphones and personal taste). Only time when it is usefull is when you are in a quite place with people expecting it to be quite for example a library. Of course closed ones generally isolate better, but that is beside the point you were making. Edit: And the point I am trying to make.
    My reasons for headphones over speakers are transportability since I move alot and not having to hear my surroundings rather than prevent them to hear what I am listening to. The open headphones I got fills my requirements and also I haven't heard a closed headphone that I like enough to use insted.
    Other reasons to when headphones could be preferable to speakers and closed headphones would be a requirement:
    -Insert personal reason here
  8. Sjoerd
    Wow thanks for all the fast answers! So basically the Grado SR 60i's are great for using at home and in traffic.
    Not that I'm going to buy them right now (I'll have to save first), but I was just wondering.
  9. Chulta
    I hope the pain of waiting will be meet with satisfaction when you get them. One of my favourit feelings is when you finally get something you have been waiting for.
    Dang, this thread has been mindopening for me. I realised now that another reason for me to get headphones is that feel the joy of getting new headphones [​IMG]
  10. RED-404
    For me open headphones are far less fatiguing than closed and also allow me to maintain some semblance of situation awareness.
  11. Beagle
    What if you want good, natural sound out of your headphones? What if you live alone and want to hear the doorbell or telephone?
  12. Sjoerd
    Well that situational awareness thing is also an advantage in traffic.
    Right now I have closed headphones (but they seem like won't last long anymore) and I sometimes get annoyed by the feel of them.
    But I won't be able to use open headphones in studying rooms on school :frowning2:. Ah well I have in-ear's too so I'll bring those.
  13. formula1
    Natural soundstage. That's the point. 
  14. beaver316
    +1 on this. With my previous closed cans if someone wanted to say something to me I would need to pause the song and remove the headphones, with open cans just pausing is enough. Big time saver.

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