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Looking for a neutral sounding closed-back circumaural - anything like Grado in sound quality?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by 2satta2, Jan 27, 2013.
  1. 2satta2
    Hey folks
    I'm trying to decide on a new set of 'phones for portable use (I have a Colorfly 3 mp3 player)
    My music taste is eclectic, covering most basses, but I am particularly fond of country and bluegrass music, so any headphone will have to excel at reproducing stripped back acoustic music. I do love roots and dub reggae, but I really don't want a bass-heavy set of phones. 
    I've had a set of Grado SR60's for over 10 years and absolutely love them. I even once bought a set of Grado Labs SR325i's, but sold them on as I prefered the cheaper SR60
    I recently took delivery of some AKG K495 NC, but returned them. The bass was far too prominent and masked the mids and highs.I also found them uncomfortable after a 5 hour train journey that I regularly have to take. 
    Does anyone know of any closed-back headphones that are comparable to the SR60 in terms of balance? 
  2. squallkiercosa
    Welcome to head-fi
    Sorry about your wallet
    Do a proper search in the forum, there are a few threads about the subject.
  3. joseph69
    So wht not just stick with the SR60i?
  4. 2satta2
    The Grados are open backed so can only really be enjoyed at home. I  am looking for something to use when travelling and walking. 
  5. Kimx2310
    There's the AKG K550 (or K551 if you want the shorter cable), gives a nice open sound with a good soundstage, not a lot of bass but that's not what you're looking for either. I suggest you look at some of the reviews on it since they will probably explain how it sounds better than i can.
  6. obobskivich
    I wouldn't consider the K550 a good stand-in for a Grado. :xf_eek:

    Two suggestions I'd make, both from Koss:

    - Tony Bennett Signature Edition (or DJ100/200)
    - MV1

    The MV1 is going to be punchier, livelier, better extended, better isolating, and more comfortable - but they're up there at 250R and relatively insensitive (~94 dB); can the Colorfly handle that? The TBSE are much easier to drive, and still snappy enough to handle acoustic music - fairly mid-centered, and will do well with vocals, strings, and the like. Both are around the price of the SR-60 too.
  7. dweaver
    SRH940 will do the trick sound wise, I also agree that the K550 is a good option. Both are bigger but can be used with portable sources. I like the Koss DJ100 but think it will be to dark for your genres.

    If you don't mind on ear headphones the DT1350 is a good option.

    There is also a ton of excellent IEM's that will meet your needs.
  8. 2satta2
    Thanks guys. Not heard of the make 'Koss' before so will take a look into them. The Colorfly 3 isn't particularly loud, so need to be pared with fairly sensitive cans. The Tony Bennett sounds like just the sort of thing I'm looking for. 
    Might consider IEM's. I used to own a pair of Shure SE530's which I liked the sound of, but tragically they've gone missing and I've not seen them for a few years. They were a bit of a pain to put in properly though, I wouldn't buy them again. 
  9. eucariote
    I'd agree that the SRH940's signature isn't too far off from Grados.  But iems are much better for traveling imo.  I had SE530 (which I LOVED) and now have SE535 and while the foam tips are a pain to put in I've found that the rubber tips can pop right in.

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