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Help, £100 ($150) Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tom3121, Mar 31, 2013.
  1. Tom3121
    Hi, I'm looking into a new pair of headphones to primarily listen to indie rock and alternative although I listen to all other genres, but rarely. Isolation isn't a problem and neither is sound leakage, I'm looking for over or on ear and a good build quality. Obviously comfort is important but I probably won't be wearing them for over 2 hours. I have £100 to spend as stated in the title, please bare in mind that UK prices are generally higher than the US and I will most likely be purchasing from Amazon (UK).
    Any help is appreciated.
  2. sinnottj
    Get some Grado SR60i or better yet some Alessandro MS1i  They make indie/alt rock sound fantastic [​IMG]
  3. lin0003
  4. Owenpri
    I agree. The Grado Sr60i definitely sound great with indie rock, and will run you well under $150
  5. lin0003
    The Alessandro MS1 is better though. It is $100 on the website
  6. Jasper9395
    I m looking to sell an SR225 for 80 pounds shipped within the UK [​IMG]
  7. sinnottj

    Agreed, although the latest MS1i version ('2009 version' on the website) is $110 delivered to the UK, so about £73 at current rates. Add in import VAT (approx £15) and most probably a customs handling fee (£8 last time I imported from the States) and it'll just come in under the target £100.
    SR60i currently £88 from amazon UK. I think the MS1i is worth the extra, though!
  8. Tom3121
    Thanks guys, I'll look into the MS1, would you say the SR80i is considerably better than the SR60i? I can get it for under £100. 
  9. lin0003
    It's a bit better. Look at ljokerl's multi portable headphone review thread.
  10. Tom3121
    Thanks, that thread is really helpfull. How is the bass on the SR60i compared to the SR80i or MS1i?
  11. lin0003
    I demoed them quite a while ago, but I think that the quantity is around the same, but quality is better on the MS1.
  12. Sound Quest
    The MS1's do sound good, but the stock pads aren't too comfortable.
  13. lin0003
    They should be alright for 2 hours.
  14. Tom3121
    Would the current (2012) generation iPod Shuffle sound good with these phones?
  15. sinnottj
    Yep, Grados are very easy to drive and will sound good out of just about anything. I use my ms1s and my 325is straight out of an iPod and a Creative zen stone with no issues. The zen stone looks a little odd with the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter sticking out of it mind ...
    Regarding the bass, I think it's very very similar across the whole 'Prestige' range, SR60i to SR325i, which includes the MS1i.  Certainly, my 325is and MS1is have barely distinguishable bass responses.   
    The bass is really good, so long as you're not a 'bass head': tight, musical, goes pretty low for an open back headphone. Sounds great for rock and jazz music, does a decent job of electronic/hip hop.

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