1. metal_monger

    grado 225

    Are the grado 225's worth even considering purchasing before having a amp? I will be using these for home setup(from pc/ipod/other non uber sources)....was pretty set on 225's until I started to hear that some of the top end grado's dont sound good w/o a amp.
  2. Tom3121

    Help, £100 ($150) Headphones

    Hi, I'm looking into a new pair of headphones to primarily listen to indie rock and alternative although I listen to all other genres, but rarely. Isolation isn't a problem and neither is sound leakage, I'm looking for over or on ear and a good build quality. Obviously comfort is important but I...
  3. dozens

    $200 +/- headphones recommendations

    I'm a pretty average listener, using primarily my iPhone and laptop for my source most of the time, and sans amp. I've long been using my Grado 80s for home and my Sony MDR-7506 for walk-around cans when I'm not in the mood for IEMs. I'm waiting to jump up to a $200 pair and am looking at the...
  4. LiquidMusic

    Best Headphones under $200?

    Hey bros and ladies, I've been searching the market for a definitive set of headphones for all around use that cost around 200 USD and the market is absolutely flooded help me decide!
  5. westinlennox

    HiFi in Seattle Area

    Okay, I looked through the forums for a similar post, and the only ones I could find are from about 6 years ago, so I wanted to check in and see if anyone here knows a good place that is not currently out-of-business to test out Grado headphones (or anything, really) in the Seattle-Tacoma area...
  6. deeza

    Best Headphones for Metal?

    Price isn't an issue. I currently own the HD580s and 650s, but people here say they aren't good for metal (even though I don't find them to be bad in any way). Any suggestions? I listen to: Symphonic Metal (Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica, Xandria, After Forever, and Haggard) Melodic...
  7. dreamwhisper

    Your first headphones?

    My first hi-fi headphones were AKG K141's. I'm thinking , that my impressions of quality sound are most likely biased/rationalised subconciously on my experience of these headphones. Because, after all the headphones I've tried,, I still like AKG's the most, and have a preference to the...
  8. Dima202

    My experience of M50x

    Coming from Grado SR225 (from 2007) to the Audio Technica M50x. I received M50x yesterday, plugged it into my portable e12 amp and was not really blown away. The thing I like about M50x and the reason I ordered them was to get better bass feel from a headphone and these deliver. Besides Bass...
  9. tdockweiler

    Q701 impressions thread

    10-19-13 EDIT: BASS PORT MOD for Q701: (sounds great with the Q701, but I haven't tested it on the K702/1 or K712) Step by Step instructions:   Some...
  10. EldradMustLive

    Quarter modded SR225 versus RS1 or PS500

    I have some 2006 Grado Sr225s with quarter-modded yellow 414 pads that have become my favorite headphone (formally DT880 250 ohm was my fave). I've seen an old thread here where someone said they preferred (I assume stock) SR225 to RS1. Anyone else here have the SR225 with the simple 414 quarter...
  11. Xerber

    HE-400i.. or HE-400 at half the price

    OK, not really half the price, but €499 vs €299. :rolleyes: With the launch of the 400i's, a local online store has been offering the HE-400's at significantly reduced price. I've been going over countless of reviews online. From what I understand, the HE-400i's have been improved in terms of...
  12. Xerber

    On-ear, open headphones?

    Hi guys, I was hoping you could offer me some advice and / or suggestions. Recently I've been using IEM's and headphones when working overtime at the office. I'm currently using my Momentums, but since I'm usually the only person left on my floor (or the last person to leave the building), I...
  13. maestrochin29

    Grado SR80e vs Beyerdynamic dt880

    Any opinions or conclusions on whether the Dt880 unamped still does better than the new sr80e , or are they at par ? Price considerations aside , which set of cans are more suited for rock and heavy metal songs ?
  14. plonter

    My Grado SR80e impression (a past RS1 owner)

    Hello fellow head fiers, Good to come back ! it's been a long time since the last time Ive been here, took a few years break from HI-FI.  My story in short: didn't have the time and money(was needed for other stuff) so I sold almost all the gear I had (Denon AHD-5000,Grado RS1,senn HD650...
  15. GreenBow

    Grado SRi red drivers. Are they SRe drivers?

    Please can someone help me decide if MY SR225i are fitted with 'i' drivers or 'e' drivers.   I had not heard of this before googling just out of curiosity for SR225i reviews. I found a thread about the 'e' series, and on page 24 a discussion about 'e' drivers in 'i' models. The idea was that...
  16. Grado Labs SR225e

    Grado Labs SR225e

    Let your spouse know you honor fidelity… give them a pair of Grado SR225e headphones to enjoy their favorite music the way it was meant to be heard. Our traditional open-back design features enhanced airflow through the rear metal grill, and reproduction that is the definition of high fidelity...